Dr Ibrahim Javed

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology


Dr. Ibrahim Javed is Postdoctoral Research Fellow at ARC Centre of Excellence in Convergent Nano-Bio Science and Technology and Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology at The University of Queensland. He earned his PhD degree from Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Monash University in 2019. Prior to PhD, Dr. Javed had graduated with Doctor of Pharmacy degree (2011) from University of Sargodha and Master of Philosophy in Pharmaceutical Chemistry (2014) from Bahauddin Zakariya University, Pakistan. After M.Phil, he worked as Research Assistant (2013-16) at Department of Chemistry, Lahore University of Management Sciences where he developed nano-pharmaceuticals for drug delivery and to improve the pharmacokinetic profiles of hydrophobic drugs. With extensive research experience in the synthesis of pharmaceutical nanomaterials, in vivo modelling, pharmacokinetics and protein misfolding diseases, Dr. Javed has published >50 research publications in prestigious journals like Nature Communications, Nano Letter, Advanced Science and Small.

Research Impacts

Dr. Javed's research focuses on understanding the pathophysiology of protein misfolding diseases, i.e., Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Type-2-Diabetes and the biochemical interference from gut-bacteria. He also uses functional amyloids, as beta-lactoglobulin and casein from milk, to craft nanomedicine against amyloid diseases. He has developed in vivo model systems, using zebrafish, to study the pathogenesis of amyloid diseases as well as interaction, fate and mitigation profiling of nanomaterials. Dr. Javed's is also interested on biofilm component of bacterial biofilm (like FapC from Pseudomonas and CsgA from E. coli) and Gut-Brain axis to unravel the associations of gut microbiome with the development of amyloid based neurological disorders.


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Book Chapter

  • Peng, Guotao, Zil-e-Huma, , Umair, Muhammad, Hussain, Irshad and Javed, Ibrahim (2020). Nanosilver at the interface of biomedical applications, toxicology, and synthetic strategies. Metal Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery and Diagnostic Applications. (pp. 119-139) edited by Muhammad Raza Shah, Muhammad Imran and Shafi Ullah. Amsterdam, Netherlands: Elsevier. doi: 10.1016/b978-0-12-816960-5.00008-2

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