Associate Professor Daniel Cozzolino

Principal Research Fellow

Centre for Nutrition and Food Sciences
Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation
+61 7 336 52144


Appointed as Principal Research Fellow / Associate Professor QAAFI – University of Queensland (January 2020).

Previously I was Associate Professor in Food Chemistry in the School of Science at RMIT University (Melbourne, VIC), Head of Agriculture and Associate Professor in Agriculture at CQUniversity (Rockhampton, QLD) (2015-2019), Senior Research Fellow – Barley Breeding Program at The University of Adelaide (Adelaide, SA) (2013-2015) and Team Leader of the Rapid Analytical Group at The Australian Wine Research Institute (Adelaide, SA) (2002-2012).

Published >300 peer-review articles (h index 54, 9000 citations Google Scholar). My research focuses on the developments of chemometric and spectroscopic methods for use in agriculture (e.g. crops, animal products) and food applications. Recent research projects have spanned to the authentication, fraud and origin of foods, the effect of climate change in food quality (e.g. grain), process analytics, in field and high-throughput techniques, monitoring plastics in the food chain, identification of markers in biological tissues (e.g. cancer cells).

Research Interests

  • Food Authenticity, Fraud and Provenance
    Development and implementation of rapid analytical methods to monitor food authenticity, fraud and provenance. Monitor all steps of the value chain using fingerprinting approaches.
  • Objective measurement of food
    Development of objective methods to analyse composition if foods based on the utilization of sensors and machine learning techniques.
  • Sensing technologies applied to food and nutrition
    Application and development of sensing technologies in combination with machine learning techniques to analyse, monitor food composition and quality, monitor nutrition in animals and humans (e,g, hair, saliva and urine analysis).

Research Impacts

In 2013 I was presented with the Thomas Hirschfeld Award by the International Council for NIR Spectroscopy for his outstanding contributions in the field of NIR spectroscopy.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Aberdeen


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