Dr Mingchao Wang

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology


Dr. Mingchao Wang received his BEng (Engineering Mechanics) from Dalian University of Technology (China), and his PhD (Mechanical Engineering) from Queensland University of Technology (Australia). After PhD graduation, he moved to Florida State University (USA) to work as Postdoctoral Associate for 2 years, and then move back to Australia to take the Research Fellow position at Monash University (Australia). He is now working as Postdoctoral Research Fellow under the supervision of Professor Debra Bernhardt.


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Book Chapter

  • Wang, Mingchao, Yan, Cheng and M, Lin (2012). Graphene nanocomposites. Composites and their properties. (pp. 17-36) London, United Kingdom: InTech. doi: 10.5772/50840

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