Associate Professor Barry Noller

Principal Research Fellow

Centre for Mined Land Rehabilitation
Sustainable Minerals Institute
+61 7 334 64069



  • Fellow of Federation of Asian Chemical Societies
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Fellow, Royal Australian Chemical Institute
  • Doctor of Phiilosophy, University of Tasmania
  • Master of Chemistry, University of New South Wales
  • Bachelor of Science, University of New South Wales


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Book Chapter

  • Pham, Phong, Edraki, Mansour, Noller, Barry and Golding, Sue (2018). A case study of domain-based post-closure water quality monitoring in wet-dry climates. In From start to finish: a life-of-mine perspective (pp. 217-222) Carlton South, VIC Australia: AusIMM: Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy.

  • Iwai, C. B., Sujira, H., Somparn, A., Komarova, T., Mueller, J. M. and Noller, B. N. (2007). Monitoring Pesticides in the Paddy Field Ecosystem of North-Eastern Thailand for Environmental and Health Risks. In Ivan R. Kennedy, Keith R. Solomon, Shirley J. Gee, Angus N. Crossan, Shuo Wang and Francisco Sanchez-Bayo (Ed.), Rational Environmental Management of Agrochemicals : Risk Assessment, Monitoring, and Remedial Action (pp. 259-273) United States of America: Oxford University Press.

  • Gilbert, S., Noller, B. N. and Burford, G. (2007). Safety : Issues and Policy. In Bodeker, G. and Burford, G. (Ed.), Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Policy and Public Health Perspectives (pp. 83-98) London, UK: Imperial College Press.

  • Shia, Gilbert, Noller, Barry and Burford, Gemma (2006). Safety: Issues and policy. In Traditional, complementary and alternative medicine: policy and public health perspectives (pp. 83-100) London, United Kingdom: Imperial College Press. doi:10.1142/9781860949135_0005

  • Ng, J. C. and Noller, B. N. (2004). Arsenic. In David R. Jones and Michael Fawcett (Ed.), TEAM NT: Technologies for the environmental advancement of mining in the Northern Territory: Toolkit (pp. 39-46) Darwin, Australia: Northern Territory Minerals Council and the Mines and Petroleum Management Division of the Northern Territory Government.

  • Priestly, B., Moore, M. R., Noller, B. N. and Ng, J. C. (2004). Human Health Risk Assessment. In Dr Arthur Johnston (Ed.), Investigation of the Potable Water Contamination Incident at Ranger Mine March 2004 (pp. 107-172) Darwin, NT: Uniprint NT.

  • Rayment, G., Sadler, R., Craig, A., Noller, B. N. and Chiswell, B. (2003). Analysis of inorganic parameters. In K Clive Thompson and C. Paul Nathanail (Ed.), Chemical Analysis of Contaminated Land (pp. 99-128) Oxford, UK: Blackwell Publishing Ltd.

  • Ng, J. C., Bruce, S. L. and Noller, B. N. (2003). Laboratory and field evaluation of potential arsenic exposure from mine tailings to grazing cattle. In Willard R. Chappell, Charles O. Abernathy, Rebecca L. Calderon and David J. Thomas (Ed.), Arsenic Exposure and Health Effects V 5 ed. (pp. 181-195) Amsterdam, Netherlands: Elsevier.

  • Noller, B. N., Parker, G. and Gao, G. H. (1999). Protecting the Mining Environment: The Role of Optimisation of Water Release at Tropical Locations to Minimise Impacts. In C. L. Fogliani (Ed.), Australian chemistry resource book 18 ed. (pp. 63-71) Bathurst, NSW: Chemical and Scientific Aid Centre, Charles Sturt University.

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