Dr Rebecca Langdon

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

School of Business
Faculty of Business, Economics and Law

Honorary Research Fellow

Greenslopes Clinical Unit
Faculty of Medicine


I am a postdoctoral research fellow for the Faculty of Business, Economics, and Law and an honorary research fellow for the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Queensland. Prior to my academic career, I worked as a safety professional in various industries including construction, mining, defence R&D, and manufacturing. I currently continue to consult in a health and safety capacity to sub-contractors in the building and construction industry. My current research interests focus on the mental health and well-being of construction workers by evaluating the egonets and support structures available to workers. In addition to supporting the mental health of construction workforces, I am also evaluating risk perceptions and attitudes towards respirable silica dust control measures implemented in work practices in response to legislative changes in managing respirable silica dust in the construction industry. I am also recognised as a fellow of the Higher Education Academy and have previously taught undergraduate students in the disciplines of business, psychology, and construction management.

Research Impacts

My research on social capital and social support availability has helped to understand the protective factors that are needed to support worker mental health and well-being. This research identifies how workplaces can best support their employees who have gaps in their personal support networks, and how workplaces can leverage the use of work colleagues to provide support at work. The overall aim of this research is to help address the high suicide rate in industries like construction and mining.

The research I am currently undertaking in response to legislative changes to managing respirable silica dust in the construction industry aims to assess the behaviours and attitudes of construction workers towards engaging in the adoption of control measures implemented in relation to managing respirable silica dust. This is designed to understand the attitudes and safety behaviours towards control measures implemented to manage respirable silica dust in everyday work practices. This knowledge will be used to determine if additional workplace-based interventions are needed to support, change, or influence safety behaviours or attitudes towards adopting and sustaining control measures to continue to effectively manage risks related to respirable silica dust.


  • Bachelor of Business (Management), Queensland University of Technology
  • Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Honours), Queensland University of Technology
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Queensland University of Technology


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