Dr Brydon Wang

Lecturer in Design (Built Enviro)

School of Architecture
Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology


School of Law
Faculty of Business, Economics and Law


Dr Brydon Wang is a lawyer and scholar researching at the confluence of technology, law and architecture. He is passionate about flood-resilient smart cities and has 19 years in the construction industry. His PhD was on the Role of Trustworthiness in Automated Decision-making Systems and the Law.

Brydon has practised as a technology and construction lawyer with top-tier law firm Allens, and has had a previous career in architecture and contract administration on award-winning construction projects. He currently teaches undergraduate Contract Law, Responsible Data Science in the Master of Data Science course, and the design and automation of climate-resilient cities (including amphibious settlements) in the Master of Architecture course. Brydon was recently featured on ABC Radio National's 'Future Tense' where he discussed offshore architecture and marine urban sprawl, and on Seeker's popular documentary, 'How close are we to Living in the Ocean?'. He is passionate about regulating to enhance trustworthiness in the design and deployment of automated decision-making systems in cities (BIM, Digital Twins). He is currently researching in trustworthy AI, automation of infrastructure delivery and design governance. Brydon recently co-edited a book, 'Automating Cities: Design, Construction, Operation and Future Impact' (Springer, 2021), wrote for the Centre for Digital Built Britain (operating out of the University of Cambridge) and in The Conversation. Brydon previously co-edited 'Large Floating Structures', a book exploring environmentally-sustainable technologies that allow cities to expand onto adjacent water bodies.

Research Interests

  • Trustworthiness and Law
  • Trusted intermediaries on Construction contracts
  • Design governance of floating structures and settlements
  • Trustworthiness in development and deployment of technology

Research Impacts

Brydon's research helps us understand how we can regulate various technologies that are used to make cities smarter and more responsive to climate change. His research falls within three themes:

  • how we regulate to make technology more trustworthy, particularly the trust and protection of data to ensure its ethical use throughout the data lifecycle;
  • how we regulate the automation of processes that enable us to design, develop and deploy technology and infrastructure; and
  • design governance for climate-resilient cities.


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Book Chapter

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