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Carroll Go-Sam is Dyirrbal gumbilbara bama from Ravenshoe, North Queensland. She graduated with a B. Arch (Hons) UQ in 1997. Carroll is currently a lecturer in the School of Architecture (March 2019 to present). She has research interests in Indigenous architecture where it intersects with public, civic, social and institutional architecture. Her interests extend to identity themes drawing on professional experiences in rural townships in far-north QLD, the Northern Territory and south-east QLD. Carroll is engaged with research, education, consultation and design practitice, manifest in three key areas of architectural research and consultancy. Carroll has engaged in research across design related fields: Aboriginal architecture, Indigenous-led housing management, policy, architectural identity themes, public facilities and civic space. Currently she teaches a research selective on Aboriginal Architecture and Masters of Architecture Studio titled Interrogating Difference.

Carroll has presented at national and international events, symposia and conferences including Asis Pacific Architectural Forum, SAHANZ, IASTE, Brisbane Writers Festival, academic symposia and MPavillion Blakitecture. She was an Indigenous Design Place researcher (2017- March 19) and the recipient of an ARC Discovery Indigenous Award (2014-2016). Along with Professors Jane Hunter, Paul Memmott and Mark Moran, she developed the project; Defining the Impact of Regionalism on Aboriginal Housing and Settlement which sought to analyse, quantify and improve our understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander housing needs. It developed a regional knowledge-base about needs assessment, by creating an interactive mapping interface sharpening focus on the blurred picture of the true extent of Indigenous household crowding, tenant demand, housing stock status and regional governance. The establishment a comprehensive knowledge-base through the development of innovative search, retrieval and visualisation services, the project generated a single online data model integrating qualitative and quantitative data with text based publications.


  • Bachelor of Architecture with Honours, The University of Queensland


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Book Chapter

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  • Memmott, Paul C. and Go-Sam, Carroll (2007). Spinifex houses of the Western Desert. Gunyah, goondie & wurley: The Aboriginal architecture of Australia. (pp. 208-231) edited by Paul C. Memmott. St Lucia, Queensland, Australia: University of Qld Press.

  • Memmott, Paul and Go-Sam, Carroll (2003). Synthesizing indigenous housing paradigms: an introduction to Take 2. TAKE 2: Housing design in indigenous Australia. (pp. 12-17) edited by P. Memmott and C. Chambers. Canberra, ACT Australia: The Royal Australian Institute of Architects.

  • Memmott, P. C. and Go-Sam, C. (2000). Aboriginal architecture. The Oxford Companion to Aboriginal Art and Culture. (pp. 405-413) edited by Kleinert, S. and Neale, M.. Melbourne: Oxford University Press.

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