Dr Jun Parker

ATH - Senior Lecturer

Medical School (GBCS)
Faculty of Medicine


Research Interests

  • Neuroexcitatory effects of anaesthesic agents
    Dr Parker has research and publications in examining neuroexcitatory effects of various anaesthetic agents. The properties of different anaesthetic agents in stimulating or inhibiting neurological responses can be used to safer delivery of individualised anaesthetic regimen.
  • Opioid Free Anaesthesia
    Opioid free anaesthesia is a new paradigm in clinical anaesthesia and aims to minimise opioid-related side effects while promoting the principles of ERAS and socially contributing to the opioid epidemic crisis. Dr Parker has been involved in developing opioid-free anaesthesia protocols for smaller hospitals including those in rural areas.
  • Regional anaesthesia in rural areas
    To deliver anaesthesia more safely in rural areas, sound knowledge and expertise in regional anaesthesia is paramount. This knowledge allows more patients to receive better preoperative pain management and improved care in rural areas.


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