Dr Suyinn Chong

Honorary Senior Fellow

Mater Research Institute-UQ
Faculty of Medicine


Suyinn Chong is a Senior Research Fellow at the Mater Research Institute – The University of Queensland, where she leads the Epigenetics Group. She has worked in the field of epigenetics for more than 15 years and her research is directed towards understanding how epigenetics contributes to gene expression and, ultimately, phenotype.


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Book Chapter

  • Chong, Suyinn and Zhang, Christine R. (2016). AXIN1 and caudal duplication anomaly. In Robert P. Erickson and Anthony J. Wynshaw-Boris (Ed.), Epstein's inborn errors of development: the molecular basis of clinical disorders of morphogenesis 3rd ed. (pp. 363-364) New York, NY, United States: Oxford University Press.

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