Associate Professor Peter Parry

ATH - Associate Professor

Children's Health Queensland Clinical Unit
Faculty of Medicine


Dr Peter Parry is a child & adolescent psychiatrist working with Children's Health Queensland Child & Youth Mental Health Service. He is affiliated as a senior lecturer with University of Queensland and as a visiting senior lecturere with Flinders University in South Australia.

He graduated from Adelaide University in 1983, worked as a medical officer in the Royal Australian Navy based in NSW, then general practice and palliative care in Adelaide until commenced training in 1990 at Glenside Hospital and Flinders Medical Centre in Adelaide. He has worked as a consultant child & adolescent psychiatrist in both community and inpatient child and adolescent psychiatry services in South Australia, Wales (UK) and Queensland. He was medical unit head of the inpatient service at the Adelaide Women's & Children's Hospital from 2000-2003 and medical director of CYMHS Campus Services at the Queensland Children's Hospital from 2014-2016. He has since worked in community CYMHS in North-West suburbs of Brisbane.

His research interests are the topics of psychiatric nosology, developmental psychology, Pharma-Medicine conflict of interest issues, child, adolescent & family mental health assessment, adolescent depression syndromes, and lifestyle factors in mental health and he has published and taught on these topics. In 2021 he completed a doctoral thesis that combined several of these interests, titled: 'Paediatric bipolar disorder': Why did it occur, iatrogenic consequences, and implications for medical ethics and psychiatric nosology.

Research Interests

  • Pharma-Medicine conflict of interest issues
  • Psychiatric Nosology
  • "Paediatric bipolar disorder": a controversial hypothesis from the USA


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