Professor Louise Cullen

ATH - Professor

Royal Brisbane Clinical Unit
Faculty of Medicine


Louise Cullen is a Pre-Eminent Staff Specialist in Emergency Medicine, a clinical trialist and outcomes researcher in acute diseases. She is enthusiastically involved in the translation of research by clinical redesign and innovation.

As an accomplished acute disease researcher, Prof Cullen has focused on the diagnosis and management of patients presenting with possible Acute Coronary Syndromes (ACS) in the Emergency Department (ED). She has been engaged in many international collaborations (including ASPECT and ADAPT studies) She has authored over 100 publications in peer-reviewed journals including The Lancet, focussed on strategies to improve efficiency, whilst maintaining safety for patients with possible ACS, syncope, heart failure, shortness of breath and atrial fibrillation.

More recently Prof Cullen has focussed on Health Services research and investigating methods to use medications and other resources in the ED wisely. She led the CREDIT trail, aimed at reducing unnecessary peripheral intravenous cannulation in the ED.

Professor Cullen’s mantra is that “you do not do research for research sake” and as such, clinical redesign and translational research is a key part of her endeavours.

Pre-Eminent Staff Specialist, Department of Emergency Medicine

Prof, Queensland University of Technology

A/Prof, University of Queensland

Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital

Brisbane, Queensland 4029, AUSTRALIA.

Tel: (+ 61 7) 3636 7901. Fax: (+ 61 7) 3636 1643.


Twitter: @louiseacullen

Qualifications: MBBS (Hon) FACEM PhD

Research Impacts

Prof Cullen has been extensively involved translation of research findings into changed clinical practice. She is currently the Clinical Lead in the Accelerated Chest pain Risk Evaluation project (ACRE 2012-8), implementing changed practice models of care across Queensland Health for ED patients based on her research. This change has translated into significant improvements in ED efficiency while maintaining patient safety. She was awarded the Metro North Chief Executive Award for Research in 2018, QH Metro North Research Excellence Award: Integrated Care and Health Services Research in 2016, the Australian Society for Medical Research: Clinical Research winner in 2016 and Most Outstanding Redesign Practitioner in 2013.


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Journal Article

Conference Publication

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