Professor Scott Chapman

Professor in Crop Physiology

School of Agriculture and Food Sciences
Faculty of Science
+61 7 54601 108
+61 7 54601 621



  • PhD, The University of Queensland
  • B Agr Sc 1st class honors, University of Queensland


  • Bogard, Matthieu, Biddulph, Ben, Zheng, Bangyou, Hayden, Matthew, Kuchel, Haydn, Mullan, Dan, Allard, Vincent, Gouis, Jacques Le and Chapman, Scott C. (2020). Linking genetic maps and simulation to optimize breeding for wheat flowering time in current and future climates. Crop Science, 60 (2) 678-699. doi:10.1002/csc2.20113

  • Hammer, Graeme. L., McLean, Greg, van Oosterom, Erik, Chapman, Scott, Zheng, Bangyou, Wu, Alex, Doherty, Alastair and Jordan, David (2020). Designing crops for adaptation to the drought and high-temperature risks anticipated in future climates. Crop Science, 60 (2) 605-621. doi:10.1002/csc2.20110

  • Reynolds, Matthew, Chapman, Scott, Crespo-Herrera, Leonardo, Molero, Gemma, Mondal, Suchismita, Pequeno, Diego N.L., Pinto, Francisco, Pinera-Chavez, Francisco J., Poland, Jesse, Rivera-Amado, Carolina, Saint Pierre, Carolina and Sukumaran, Sivakumar (2020). Breeder friendly phenotyping. Plant Science, 295110396, doi:10.1016/j.plantsci.2019.110396

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Book Chapter

  • Potgieter, Andries B., Watson, James, George-Jaeggli, Barbara, McLean, Gregory, Eldridge, Mark, Chapman, Scott C., Laws, Kenneth, Christopher, Jack, Chenu, Karine, Borrell, Andrew, Hammer, Graeme and Jordan, David R. (2019). The use of hyperspectral proximal sensing for phenotyping of plant breeding trials. Fundamentals, Sensor Systems, Spectral Libraries, and Data Mining for Vegetation. (pp. 127-148) edited by Prasad S. Thenkabail, John G. Lyon and Alfredo Huete.Boca Raton FL, United States: CRC Press Taylor and Francis Group.

  • Chapman, Scott C., Zheng, Bangyou, Potgieter, Andries B., Guo, Wei, Baret, Frederic, Liu, Shouyang, Madec, Simon, Solan, Benoit, George-Jaeggli, Barbara, Hammer, Graeme L. and Jordan, David R. (2018). Visible, near infrared, and thermal spectral radiance on-board UAVs for high-throughput phenotyping of plant breeding trials. Biophysical and biochemical characterization and plant species studies. (pp. 275-299) edited by Prasad S. Thenkabail, John G. Lyon and Alfredo Huete.Boca Raton, FL, United States: CRC Press. doi:10.1201/9780429431180-10

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  • Hammer, Graeme, McLean, Greg, Doherty, Al, van Oosterom, Erik and Chapman, Scott (2016). Sorghum crop modeling and its utility in agronomy and breeding. Sorghum: state of the art and future perspectives. (pp. 1-25) edited by Ignacio Ciampitti and Vara Prasad.Madison, WI United States: American Society of Agronomy and Crop Science Society of America. doi:10.2134/agronmonogr58.2014.0064

  • Bustos-Korts, Daniela, Malosetti, Marcos, Chapman, Scott and van Eeuwijk, Fred (2015). Modelling of genotype by environment interaction and prediction of complex traits across multiple environments as a synthesis of crop growth modelling, genetics and statistics. Crop Systems Biology: Narrowing the Gaps Between Crop Modelling and Genetics. (pp. 55-82) edited by .Cham, Switzerland: Springer International Publishing. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-20562-5_3

  • Hathorn, Adrian and Chapman, Scott C. (2014). Historical and prospective applications of ‘quantitative genomics’ in utilising germplasm resources. Genomics of plant genetic resources: volume 1. managing, sequencing and mining genetic resources. (pp. 93-110) edited by Roberto Tuberosa, Andreas Graner and Emile Frison.Dordrecht, Netherlands : Springer Netherlands. doi:10.1007/978-94-007-7572-5_5

  • Hathorn, Adrian, Chapman, Scott and Dieters, Mark (2014). Simulated breeding with QU-GENE graphical user interface. Crop breeding: methods and protocols. (pp. 131-142) edited by Delphine Fleury and Ryan Whitford.New York, NY, United States: Humana Press. doi:10.1007/978-1-4939-0446-4_11

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  • Rebetzke, Greg J., Chapman, Scott C., Lynne Mcintyre, C., Richards, Richard A., Condon, Anthony G., Watt, Michelle and Van Herwaarden, Anthony F. (2009). Grain Yield Improvement in Water-Limited Environments. Wheat Science and Trade. (pp. 215-249) edited by . Wiley-Blackwell. doi:10.1002/9780813818832.ch11

  • Cooper, Mark, van Eeuwijk, Fred, Chapman, Scott C., Podlich, Dean W. and Loffler, Carlos (2006). Genotype-by-environment interactions under water-limited conditions. Drought Adaptation in Cereals. (pp. 51-96) edited by Jean-Marcel Ribaut.New York, NY, United States: Food Products Press.

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