Dr Hong Peng

UQ Amplify Researcher

School of Chemical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology
+61 7 334 67709



Dr Hong Peng is an Amplify Research Fellow after being an Advance Queensland Research Fellow (Early-career, 2016-2019) and Postdoc(2014-2015) at Rio Tinto Bauxite and Alumina Technology Centre at the University of Queensland (UQ) within the School of Chemical Engineering . He gained a Bachelor’s degree in Minerals Engineering and a Master’s degree in Microbiology at Central South University, China followed by a PhD degree in Chemical Engineering at UQ. Before joining UQ Hong had experience as a chemical engineer in industry working for Its technology centre and Olympic Dam at BHP Billiton.


Hong's research focuses on the fundamental aspects of mineral processing, interfacial colloid science, leaching kinetics and precipitation reactions as well as molecular dynamics simulation. These projects are of interest to the nanobubbles, mine tailings, zeolite, clay minerals, base metals and alumina refining industries.

Projects and Research Grants:

  1. Green synthesis of adsorption materials from clay minerals, 2019-2020, UniQuest Pathfinder, $24K (Leading CI)
  2. Unlocking Queensland's bauxite ore reserves through process technology innovation. Advance Queensland Research Fellowship (Early Career), 2016-2019, Queensland Government, $430K (Leading CI).
  3. Desilication product characterisation and chemical thermodynamic solubility model, 2017-2020, Alumina Quality Workshop (Inc) Association, $120K (CI)
  4. Quantitative phase analysis of bauxite ore and Bayer process residues (red mud), 2016-2018, Shanghai Synchrotron Access Program. 2016-2018 (Leading CI)
  5. Effect of Leaching Process on Distribution of Minor Valuable Elements in Bauxite Residue, 2018-2020, Shanghai Synchrotron Access Program. 2018-2020 ( Leading CI)
  6. Chemically modified bayer process desilication, 2015-2019, Rio Tinto Limited, $233K (Industry fund, CI)
  7. Synthesis of high purity alumina from kaolin, Industry funding, 2019-2020, Abercorn Kaolin Limited, $110K. (Industry fund, CI)

Teaching and Learning:

  • Lecturer in Process Modelling and Dynamics (CHEE3007)
  • Lecturer in Engineering Investigation & Statistical Analysis (CHEE2010)
  • Lecturer in Chemical Thermodynamics (CHEE3003)
  • Previously lecturer in Aqueous Solution Processing & Electrometallurgy (MINE4204)

Research Interests

  • Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy

Precipitation, crystallisation, bioleaching, froth flotation, nanobubbles

  • Chemical Engineering

Valorisation of bauxite residue and mine tailings, Zeolite, Alum, Environmental functional materials, MD Simulation


  • Doctor of Philosophy, The University of Queensland


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Featured Publications

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Conference Publication

  • Peng, H., Vaughan, J., Staker, W., Wang, J. and Wen, W. (2018). Advanced characterisation of bauxite residue. In: Alumina2018: the 11th AQW International Conference. Alumina2018, Gladstone, QLD, Australia, (189-195). 9-14 September 2018.

  • Seneviratne, D.N., Peng, H., Gillespie, A.R. and Vaughan, J. (2018). An investigation of Bayer desilication product agglomeration mechanisms by kernel function population balance modelling. In: Alumina2018: the 11th AQW International Conference. Alumina2018, Gladstone, QLD, Australia, (). 9-14 September 2018.

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  • Peng, Hong and Vaughan, James (2018). In-situ XRD investigation of bauxite dehydroxylation. In: Li, B., Characterization of Minerals, Metals and Materials 2018. TMS 2018 147th Annual Meeting & Exhibition, Phoenix, Arizona, (21-29). 11-15 March 2018. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-72484-3_3

  • Seneviratne, Dilini, Peng, Hong and Vaughan, James (2017). The impact of organic additives on phase transformation and particle size of Bayer process desilication product. In: Travaux 46, Proceedings of the 35th ICSOBA Conference. 35th ICSOBA Conference, Hamburg, Germany, (229-241). 2-5 October 2017.

  • Peng, H., Vaughan, J. and Zieba, M. (2015). The thermodynamic approach to predicting silicate solubility. In: 10th International Alumina Quality Workshop Conference Proceedings. 10th International Alumina Quality Workshop, Perth, WA, Australia, (). 19-23 April 2015.

  • Peng, Hong, Nguyen, Anh V. and Birkett, Greg R. (2011). An improved method for calculating surface tension by Monte Carlo simulation. In: Chemeca 2011 Proceedings. Chemeca 2011: Australasian Conference on Chemical Engineering, Sydney, Australia, (1-10). 18 - 21 September 2011.

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