Experts in Economics and Econometrics

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Photo Researcher Organisational Units
Associate Professor Mohammad Alauddin Associate Professor Mohammad Alauddin School of Economics
Professor Stephen Bell Professor Stephen Bell School of Political Science and International Studies
Professor Philip Bodman Professor Philip Bodman Faculty of Business, Economics and Law
Professor Shaun Bond Professor Shaun Bond School of Business
Professor Luke Connelly Professor Luke Connelly Centre for the Business and Economics of Health | UQ Poche Centre for Indigenous Health
Dr Peter Earl Dr Peter Earl School of Economics
Dr Pedro Fidelman Dr Pedro Fidelman Centre for Policy Futures
Emeritus Professor John Foster Emeritus Professor John Foster School of Economics
Associate Professor Lana Friesen Associate Professor Lana Friesen School of Economics
Professor Brenda Gannon Professor Brenda Gannon School of Economics | Centre for the Business and Economics of Health
Professor Stephen Gray Professor Stephen Gray School of Business
Dr Mamiza Haq Dr Mamiza Haq School of Business
Associate Professor Jacquelyn Humphrey Associate Professor Jacquelyn Humphrey School of Business
Dr Alexandra Langford Dr Alexandra Langford School of Agriculture and Food Sciences
Dr Rand Low Dr Rand Low School of Business
Associate Professor Ian MacKenzie Associate Professor Ian MacKenzie School of Economics
Associate Professor Renuka Mahadevan Associate Professor Renuka Mahadevan School of Economics
Professor John Mangan Professor John Mangan Australian Institute for Business and Economics
Professor Andrew McLennan Professor Andrew McLennan School of Economics
Professor Flavio Menezes Professor Flavio Menezes School of Economics
Professor Christopher O'Donnell Professor Christopher O'Donnell School of Economics
Dr Josephine Previte Dr Josephine Previte School of Business
Professor John Quiggin Professor John Quiggin School of Economics
Professor Alicia Rambaldi Professor Alicia Rambaldi School of Economics
Professor Rodney Strachan Professor Rodney Strachan School of Economics
Dr Shino Takayama Dr Shino Takayama School of Economics
Dr Kelvin Tan Dr Kelvin Tan School of Business
Emeritus Professor Clement Tisdell Emeritus Professor Clement Tisdell School of Economics
Professor Rhema Vaithianathan Professor Rhema Vaithianathan Institute for Social Science Research
Associate Professor Sunil Venaik Associate Professor Sunil Venaik School of Business
Dr Scott Waldron Dr Scott Waldron School of Agriculture and Food Sciences
Associate Professor Jay Weerawardena Associate Professor Jay Weerawardena School of Business