Experts in Chemical Sciences

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Photo Researcher Organisational Units
Dr Pratheep Kumar Annamalai Dr Pratheep Kumar Annamalai Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology
Associate Professor Rajiv Bhalla Associate Professor Rajiv Bhalla Centre for Advanced Imaging
Dr Fernanda Caldas Cardoso Dr Fernanda Caldas Cardoso Institute for Molecular Bioscience
Dr Andrew Christy Dr Andrew Christy School of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Dr Anne Conibear Dr Anne Conibear School of Biomedical Sciences
Dr Jill Fernandes Dr Jill Fernandes Centre for Animal Science
Dr Karl Hansford Dr Karl Hansford Institute for Molecular Bioscience
Professor Longbin Huang Professor Longbin Huang Centre for Mined Land Rehabilitation
Dr Quentin Kaas Dr Quentin Kaas Institute for Molecular Bioscience
Dr Michael Landsberg Dr Michael Landsberg School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences | Institute for Molecular Bioscience
Dr Ligong Liu Dr Ligong Liu Institute for Molecular Bioscience
Dr Rink-Jan Lohman Dr Rink-Jan Lohman School of Pharmacy
Dr Jeffrey Mak Dr Jeffrey Mak Institute for Molecular Bioscience
Associate Professor Mehdi Mobli Associate Professor Mehdi Mobli Centre for Advanced Imaging | Institute for Molecular Bioscience | School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences
Dr Peter Moyle Dr Peter Moyle School of Pharmacy
Dr Julie Pearce Dr Julie Pearce UQ Centre for Coal Seam Gas
Dr Heather Smyth Dr Heather Smyth Centre for Nutrition and Food Sciences
Dr Jacky Suen Dr Jacky Suen Prince Charles Hospital Northside Clinical Unit
Professor Kevin Thomas Professor Kevin Thomas Queensland Alliance for Environmental Health Sciences
Associate Professor James Vaughan Associate Professor James Vaughan School of Chemical Engineering
Emeritus Professor Curt Wentrup Emeritus Professor Curt Wentrup School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences
Professor Andrew White Professor Andrew White Physics
Dr Luis Yerman Martinez Dr Luis Yerman Martinez School of Civil Engineering
Professor George Zhao Professor George Zhao School of Chemical Engineering