Experts in Paediatrics and Reproductive Medicine

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Photo Researcher Organisational Units
Associate Professor Stephen Anderson Associate Professor Stephen Anderson School of Biomedical Sciences
Associate Professor Karen Barlow Associate Professor Karen Barlow Child Health Research Centre | School of Biomedical Sciences
Emeritus Professor Geoffrey Cleghorn Emeritus Professor Geoffrey Cleghorn Children's Health Queensland Clinical Unit
Professor Paul Colditz Professor Paul Colditz School of Clinical Medicine
Professor Mark Davies Professor Mark Davies Royal Brisbane Clinical Unit
Professor Vicki Flenady Professor Vicki Flenady Mater Clinical Unit
Associate Professor Ristan Greer Associate Professor Ristan Greer Mater Research Institute-UQ
Dr Anthony Herbert Dr Anthony Herbert Children's Health Queensland Clinical Unit
Professor Jonathan Hill Professor Jonathan Hill School of Veterinary Science
Professor Peter Koopman Professor Peter Koopman Institute for Molecular Bioscience
Professor Christopher Maher Professor Christopher Maher Royal Brisbane Clinical Unit
Dr Treasure McGuire Dr Treasure McGuire School of Pharmacy
Dr Randal Moldrich Dr Randal Moldrich UQ Centre for Clinical Research
Professor Grant Montgomery Professor Grant Montgomery Institute for Molecular Bioscience | School of Public Health | Queensland Brain Institute | Office of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research Infrastructure)
Dr Andy Moore Dr Andy Moore Child Health Research Centre
Dr Katrina Moss Dr Katrina Moss School of Public Health
Dr Natasha Reid Dr Natasha Reid Child Health Research Centre
Professor Peter Sly Professor Peter Sly Child Health Research Centre
Professor Anthony Smith Professor Anthony Smith Centre for Health Services Research
Professor Karen Thorpe Professor Karen Thorpe Institute for Social Science Research
Associate Professor Karen Turner Associate Professor Karen Turner School of Psychology
Dr Zephanie Tyack Dr Zephanie Tyack Child Health Research Centre
Dr Jacki Walker Dr Jacki Walker School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences
Professor Jenny Ziviani Professor Jenny Ziviani School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences