Dr Yousuf Mohammed

Research Officer

The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute
Faculty of Medicine
+61 7 344 37485



  • Doctor of Philosophy, Curtin University
  • Master of Pharmacy, Curtin University


  • Roberts, M. S., Mohammed, Y., Pastore, M. N., Namjoshi, S., Yousef, S., Alinaghi, A., Haridass, I. N., Abd, E., Leite-Silva, V. R., Benson, H. A. E. and Grice, J. E. (2017) Topical and cutaneous delivery using nanosystems. Journal of Controlled Release, 247 86-105. doi:10.1016/j.jconrel.2016.12.022

  • Zhang, Feiyue, Liang, Xiaowen, Zhang, Wenzhu, Wang, Yong-Lei, Wang, Haolu, Mohammed, Yousuf H., Song, Bo, Zhang, Run and Yuan, Jingli (2017) A unique iridium(III) complex-based chemosensor for multi-signal detection and multi-channel imaging of hypochlorous acid in liver injury. Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 87 1005-1011. doi:10.1016/j.bios.2016.09.067

  • Abd, Eman, Yousef , Shereen A., Pastore, Michael N., Telaprolu, Krishna, Mohammed, Yousuf H., Namjoshi, Sarika, Grice, Jeffrey E. and Roberts, Michael S. (2016) Skin models for the testing of transdermal drugs. Clinical Pharmacology: Advances and Applications, 8 163-176. doi:10.2147/CPAA.S64788

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Book Chapter

  • Prow, T. W., Mohammed, Y. H., Ansaldo, A. B. and Benson, H. A. E. (2014). Topical microneedle drug delivery enhanced with magnetophoresis. In Robert Chilcott and Keith R. Brain (Ed.), Advances in dermatological sciences (pp. 169-177) Piccadilly, London, United Kingdom: Royal Society of Chemistry. doi:10.1039/9781849734639-00169

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