Dr Annabel Smith

Lecturer in Wildlife Management

School of Agriculture and Food Sciences
Faculty of Science
+61 7 54601 692


RESEARCH INTERESTS Wildlife ecology, fire ecology, population genetics, agri-environment policy, political ecology, threatened species management, conservation biology, ecological restoration

TECHNICAL SKILLS Statistical modelling of species distributions, spatial demographic and genetic simulation modelling, landscape genomics resistance modelling, programming (advanced R, basic Unix, basic Python), molecular laboratory skills (genotyping-by-sequencing library preparation, SNP analysis, microsatellite marker development, high-throughput DNA extraction & PCR), remote-area and rural field work with native Australian animals (over ten years’ experience)

EDITORIAL I am Associate Editor for Journal of Applied Ecology (Jan 2018–on-going).

SOCIETIES I am on the Conference Working Group for the Ecological Society of Australia (2020–on-going). I was Meetings Officer for the Irish Ecological Association (2016-2019) and was on the organising committee for the 2019 IEA’s Second Conference.

Research Impacts

I am a passionate science communicator as demonstrated by my varied creative outputs in speaking, multi-media, TV, radio and social media. In 2019, I was selected to perform at Soapbox Science Ireland. Speaking to the general public on a crowded Dublin city street, I spoke about the influence of climate change on fire frequency and what this means for plant evolution. After the devastating fires in the Amazon Rainforest in 2019, I was invited to appear on RTÉ TV news (Ireland’s National Broadcaster) to give a scientific perspective on the fires and their ecological impact. The program has an average viewership of 400,000.

While based in Ireland, I also participated in Probe: Uncovering Research at Trinity College Dublin during EU Researchers Night (2016 and 2018). These evenings of music, talks, performance, films, food, experiments and workshops present the research that is shaping our world to the general public. My 2018 exhibit featured a live campfire, alongside a display of vegetation and I explained to visitors the profound influence that fire has had on ecosystems, and the importance of managing fire for biodiversity conservation.

I regularly produce short movies about my research. Our 2018 short movie received over 6000 views on ACT Government communication channels. The video documentary about our 2017 Landscape Ecology paper highlighted the conservation implications of our study and showcased the international and multidisciplinary nature of our research. My 2016 Proceedings B paper was heavily technical, but my media release for the paper was picked up by television, radio and newspapers Australia-wide, including the national ABC News. Interviews with me about the research reached an audience of over 50,000 people. In addition to blogging on my own website, I regularly contribute articles about my research for the EcoEvo Blog and The Applied Ecologist’s Blog.

My 2013 article for the magazine Decision Point (which reaches over 5,000 policy and management personnel) evoked positive feedback from environmental decision makers in three Australian states. The article discussed prescribed planned burning targets and their applicability to wildlife management.


  • PhD, Australian National University


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