Professor Di Yu

Professorial Research Fellow

The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute
Faculty of Medicine


Dr. Di Yu was awarded his PhD from the Australian National University (ANU) in 2007. After conducting a postdoctoral training at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research from 2008-2010, he joined Monash University as a faculty member and Group Leader in 2011. He was appointed as Associated Professor by ANU in 2017 and Professor by the University of Queesland in 2019. He is leading the Laboratory of T-cell Immune Mechanism, Monitoring and Modulation (TIM3) to investigate the mechanisms that regulate the functions of T cell subsets in human health and disease. Through understanding such mechanisms, his team aims to design new strategies to monitor personal immune status and modulate immune pathways using cytokine-based therapies to treat autoimmune diseases, cancer and infection. I have published in high impact journals including Nature, Nature Immunology, Nature Medicine and Immunity and am a Web of Sciences Highly Cited Researcher (HCR).


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Australian National University


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  • Gao, Xin, Wang, Hao, Chen, Zhian, Zhou, Pengcheng and Yu, Di (2019) An optimized method to differentiate mouse follicular helper T cells in vitro. Cellular & Molecular Immunology, . doi:10.1038/s41423-019-0329-7

  • Wang, Huimeng, Kjer-Nielsen, Lars, Shi, Mai, D'Souza, Criselle, Pediongco, Troi J., Cao, Hanwei, Kostenko, Lyudmila, Lim, Xin Yi, Eckle, Sidonia B. G., Meehan, Bronwyn S., Zhu, Tianyuan, Wang, Bingjie, Zhao, Zhe, Jeffrey Mak, Fairlie, David, Teng, Michele W. L., Rossjohn, Jamie, Yu, Di, de St Groth, Barbara Fazekas, Lovrecz, George, Lu, Louis, McCluskey, James, Strugnell, Richard A., Corbett, Alexandra J. and Chen, Zhenjun (2019) IL-23 costimulates antigen-specific MAIT cell activation and enables vaccination against bacterial infection. Science Immunology, 4 41: eaaw0402.doi:10.1126/sciimmunol.aaw0402

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  • Wang, H., Kjer-Nielsen, L., Shi, M., Souza, D. C., Pediongco, T., Cao, H., Kostenko, L., Lim, X., Eckle, S., Meeha, B., Wang, B., Zhu, T., Mak, J., Fairlie, D., Teng, M., Rossjohn, J., Yu, D., Groth, B., McCluskey, J., Strugnell, R., Corbett, A. and Chen, Z. (2019). IL-23 co-stimulation drives antigen-specific MAIT cell activation and enables vaccination against bacterial infection. In: 17th International Congress of Immunology (IUIS), Beijing, China, (450-450). 19-23 October, 2019. doi:10.1002/eji.201970400

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