Associate Professor David Shaker


Rural Clinical School
Faculty of Medicine
+61 7 4999 2922


Research Interests

  • Impact of obesity on pelvic floor disorders symptoms
    current research project to look at the symptoms of pelvic floor disorders in patients on weight loss progams and patients undegoing weight loss surgery before and after weight loss
  • Outcome of pelvic floor reconstructive surgery
    current project to assess the anatomical outcome of pelvic organ prolapse surgery using native tissue repair with special emphasis on apical compartment.
  • Pathophysiologic pathway of recurrent pelvic organ prolapse
    Pelvic organ prolapse recurrence after surgery is a relatively common complication. multiple risk factors have been suggested, however the pathophysiologic mechanisms of recurrence have not been identified. currently two projects examining the potential role of wound healing failure and the role of pressure gradients across the pelvic compartments are underway.
  • Impact of cognitive teaching on aquisition and retention of surgical procedure ( Medical Education)
    Teaching surgical procedure has chaneged significantly with more emphasis on hands on training and less emphasis of cognitive aspects of learning and teaching surgical skills. there is more reseach suggesting that cognitive teaching can enhance the performance of surgical skill. current project examining if cognitive teaching can shrten the necessary practice to reach a standard level of skill and to retain that level.
  • Case control study of long term follow-up after the use of intrauterine tamponad and B-Lynch suture in the management of sever postpartum haemorrhage , reproductive outcomes and menstrual symptoms.
    sever postpartum haemorrhage is a life threatening situation. most research concentrate on the immediate effect and actions . current project exmines the reproductive status and menstrual disorders in this group after more than 12months.


  • Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand Col, Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • FRCS (Ed), Royal College of Surgeons of UK


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