Dr Danielle Borg

Honorary Fellow

Mater Research Institute-UQ
Faculty of Medicine


Dr Borg is a post-doctoral researcher at the Mater Research Institute-University of Queensland who completed her undergraduate with honours in 2006 (BAppSciHons) at QUT and her PhD in 2012 at the Technische Universität Dresden, Germany. Her interests lie in Diabetes, Islet Biology and Immunology. She has broad research interests and enjoys working with peers from various disciplines. During research career, she has learnt techniques in the fields of Biomaterials, Cell Biology, High Throughput Imaging, Microsurgery, Islet Transplantation, Human Cell Isolation and Biochemistry in a number of European and Australian laboratories. Dr Borg has served on organisation committees for local conferences and national Islet and Diabetes societies. Dr Borg has a particular interest in teaching and supporting undergraduate and RHD students in career progression. She was selected to be the co-chair of the Early Career Research Committee at Mater Reseach Institute-UQ. Dr Borg is an advocate for equity and diversity in science and currently serves on the Gender Equity Working Group at the Mater Research Institute. Connect with her on Twitter @DrDanBorg.

Research Interests

  • New therapeutics for diabetes
  • Immunology and autoimmune diseases
  • Contributors to type 1 diabetes pathogenesis
  • Pancreatic islet transplantation
  • Biomaterial-assisted delivery for cell transplantation

Research Impacts

Dr Borg is an early-career, post-doctoral scientist who is developing track record within the field of diabetes and pancreatic islet biology. She has authored 13 publications in the field of Biomaterial Transplantation, Islet Transplantation, Stem Cell Biology, RAGE/AGE Biology and Diabetes. Her particular expertise lies within pancreatic islet function within type 1 diabetes and her main research interests have concentrated on developing therapeutics that may better treat or inhibit diabetes progression. As a consquence Dr Borg has been invited to review both national grant schemes and original manuscripts in a number of peer-reviewed international journals. Dr Borg enjoys communicating science to the public and has been involved in a number of community projects both in Germany during her PhD and in Australia during her post-doctoral research.


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Journal Article

Conference Publication

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