Greater inclusion of people with disability in Australian workplaces (ARC Linkage Project administered by the University of Wollongong) (2018–2021)

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) aims to empower people with a disability to build skills that enable them to participate fully in society. Its economic viability assumes 74,000 people with a disability and their carers will enter the workforce, saving $2b in support and contributing $23b to GDP. However workforce participation of people with a disability remains low, largely due to discrimination and negative employer attitudes. We will: (1) develop a model of successful employment for people with a disability: (2) identify sources of employer heterogeneity that explain willingness to hire: and (3) develop social marketing messages that improve employer attitudes and achieve greater inclusion in Australian workplaces.
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University of Wollongong
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University of Wollongong