Dr Matthew Holden


Faculty of Science


Dr. Matthew Holden is an applied mathematician using dynamic models and decision theory to improve conservation planning when conservation benefits depend on how humans modify their behaviour in response to policy. Some of his projects include saving the African elephant from poaching for ivory and developing novel quantitative methods for invasive and threatened species management. He earned his PhD in Applied mathematics at Cornell University, winning a National Science Foundation Graduate Research fellowship to work on optimization problems in fisheries management, invasive species control, and sustainable agriculture. He received his bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Davis, where he won the University Medal, working on the effect of habitat fragmentation on species persistence.


  • PhD in Applied Mathematics, Cornell University


  • Christopher O'Bryan, James Allan, Holden, Matthew, Christopher Sanderson, Venter, Oscar, Di Marco, Moreno, McDonald-Madden, Eve and Watson, James Edward (2020) Intense human pressure is widespread across terrestrial vertebrate ranges. Global Ecology and Conservation, 21 e00882.doi:10.1016/j.gecco.2019.e00882

  • Matthew Adams, Sisson, Scott A., Helmstedt, Kate J., Baker, Christopher M., Michaela Plein, Holden, Matthew, Holloway, Jacinta, Mengersen, Kerrie L. and McDonald-Madden, Eve (2020) Informing management decisions for ecological networks, using dynamic models calibrated to noisy time-series data. Ecology Letters, 23 4: 607-619.doi:10.1111/ele.13465

  • Briscoe, Natalie J., Elith, Jane, Salguero‐Gómez, Roberto, Lahoz‐Monfort, José J., Camac, James S., Giljohann, Katherine M., Holden, Matthew H., Hradsky, Bronwyn A., Kearney, Michael R., McMahon, Sean M., Phillips, Ben L., Regan, Tracey J., Rhodes, Jonathan R., Vesk, Peter A., Wintle, Brendan A., Yen, Jian D.L. and Guillera‐Arroita, Gurutzeta (2019) Forecasting species range dynamics with process‐explicit models: matching methods to applications. Ecology Letters, 22 11: 1940-1956. doi:10.1111/ele.13348

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