Dr Maggy Lord

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Dr Maggy Sikulu-Lord is a medical entomologist and a mosquito-borne disease researcher at the University of Queensland, Faculty of Medicine and an affiliate research assistant professor at Marquette University, USA. Her research focuses on developing new tools for the assessment and diagnosis of mosquito borne diseases. Her current research involves development of rapid and non-invasive techniques for profiling these diseases and their vectors. She specifically develops algorithms for profiling mosquito infection and species type. She has more than nine years’ experience in characterising mosquito population and has led >2.5 million dollar multi-site, international grants as the Chief Investigator. She is currently leading international projects to assess the effectiveness of vector control programs in multiple countries in Africa and South America and developing new tools to detect these infections in human populations. Her research is valuable in predicting/preventing future vector-borne disease outbreaks.

Research Interests

  • Mosquitoes of medical importance
    Characterization of mosquito population to determine disease transmission capability
  • Mosquito-borne disease
    Development of rapid and non-invasive diagnostic tools

Research Impacts

Our team evaluates the ability of non-invasive mosquito surveillance tools to characterise mosquito parameters that aide in diseases transmission. We collaborate with scientists from Fiocruz, CDC, USDA, Instituto Oswaldo Cruz (Brazil), Australian Defence Force, Marquette University and Kenya Medical Research Institute. My team focuses on testing the applicability of next generation vector-borne disease surveillance tools using rapid, high throughput, cost effective and user friendly light-based devices for mosquitoes and other insects of medical importance. By assessing their survival rates, infection rates and species abundance, these tools are intended to inform public health personnel in a timely manner, on the effectiveness of their intervention and predict potential disease hotspots to stop a possible disease outbreak.


  • PhD in Medical Entomology, Griffith University


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Available Projects

  • This PhD project aims to develop alternative, rapid and cost-effective tools for detecting Arboviruses in vectors and human population

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  • This PhD project aims to develop alternative, rapid and cost-effective tools for detecting Arboviruses in vectors and human population