Dr Raimundo Sanchez

Research Fellow

School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences


Dr. Raimundo Sanchez is an academic and a Research Fellow at the University of Queensland. His passion lies in the application of data science in the realm of endurance sports, leading to his expertise in areas such as Machine Learning, Sensor Data, Geospatial Data, and their application in the fields of Digital Health and Human Movement.

With a background in Industrial Engineering and a Ph.D. in Complex Systems Engineering, Dr. Sanchez brings over 15 years of experience in developing data-driven decision-support systems, both in industry and academia.

At the University of Queensland, Dr. Sanchez contributes to vital research efforts, primarily focusing on the creation of mathematical models for a wide variety of research studies. In most cases, these studies utilize electronic devices and sensor data. His work holds promising applications in healthcare, sports science, and various other fields.

Research Interests

  • Endurance Sports Analytics
    The development of analysis methods for studying performance in endurance sports.

Research Impacts

Dr. Raimundo Sanchez's research in trail and mountain running takes a comprehensive approach, spanning diverse perspectives, including geography, psychology, physiology, technology and performance. His studies aim to better understand the multi-faceted nature of endurance, contributing valuable insights to the field.


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