Dr Ming Li

Senior Research Fellow

School of Public Health
Faculty of Medicine


Dr Ming Li commenced with UQ’s School of Public Health in Jan 2024 as a Senior Research Fellow in cancer research under Prof Gail Garvey leading The First Nations Cancer and Wellbeing Research (FNCWR) program after a 16-year research in chronic disease epidemiology at University of South Australia. Her research is focused on understanding the impact of social and environmental factors on health-related behaviours and health conditions such as overweight and obesity, metabolic disorders, and cancer in children and adolescents and adults from different cultures in both developing and developed countries.

Ming has worked on projects on diabetes and cancer among the first nations peoples in the spectrum of prevention, treatment, complications and survival using linked data at national, state, and local level. Her research has a profound impact on developing guidelines, clinical practice, health policy, and health education. Ming has established sustained international and national collaborations and successful completion of master’s and PhD programs.

Ming is an overseas trained medical doctor and a high achiever at her PhD program and has received extensive training in epidemiological research methodology, nutritional epidemiology, clinical epidemiology, biostatistics, health education and promotion, social medical science at the University of Newcastle. Her multidisciplinary training provides the foundation for exploring the pathways of cancer and other chronic diseases and for developing effective approaches in tackling these health risks and improving the wellbeing of First Nations peoples.

Ming is working on funded projects including Healthy Hearts, CostMod, Canco, Synergy, and Blood Cancer with a growing passionate team comprised of PhD students and early to mid-career researchers.

Research Interests

  • Disparity in access to health service and its cost between Indigenous and non-Indigenous patients diagnosed with cancers
    Inequalities and financial toxicity among cancer patients is to be explored using population-based administrative health data
  • The assessment of environmental and behavioural factors associated with mental health among school-aged children and adolescents- a global perspective
    This is a expansion of our current PhD project "The impact of lifestyle factors on health risks among children and adolescents".
  • An Investigation of cancer screen-treatment-survival pathway using population-based linked data
    Quantitative approach is to be applied using linked administrative health data.

Research Impacts

The comprehensive assessment and exploration of overweight and obesity in Xi'an City has provided the evidence for the development of health promotion strategies, health education at multidementional level such as government, community, school, and family and invidual levels.

The nutrition epidemiological research outputs using China Health and Nutriton Survey data on the association between food, food group, dietary pattern and health risks including overweight/obesity, diabetes, CVD, and cognitive impairment have been integreted into the China Nutrition Guidelines including balaced diet, moderate egg consumption, nuts intake ect.

The research on breast cancer in Australia and China are linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, helping to tackle some f the worlds's greatest chanllenges in the breast cancer, and the China medical insurance policy.

The project using 15-year follow up study among 23 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities in North Queensland illustrated lifestyle, nutrition status, diabetes and its complications, and gaps in health services, other studies evaluated the impact of Indigenous community health worker in helping to improve the health of our Indigenous people.


  • Honorary Academic, Ming Li, Ming Li
  • Doctor of Philosophy of Public Health (Community Nutrition), University of Newcastle


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