Gene expression profiling and de novo transcriptome sequencing using geneballs (2003–2006)

The purpose of the project is to demonstrate that bead-based technology can be used in applications that currently require DNA hybridisation in order to overcome existing deficiencies in microarray technology. By providing the capability to quickly and efficiently produce, screen and utilize biomolecule libraries of nearly unlimited size, this technology provides the key to unlock the power of genomics and proteomics for use in real world applications. The project has two aspects. First, relatively small directed cDNA-bead libraries will be compared to known low-density cDNA microarrays to validate the technique for utility in gene expression profiling. Secondly, large libraries containing short oligonucleotide sequences will be used for de novo sequencing of a complete transcriptome. Proof-of-concept in either case will pave the way for many genomic applications and catapult the technology to blockbuster status.
Grant type:
ARC Linkage Projects
Funded by:
Australian Research Council