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Frederico Fialho graduated in Architecture and Urbanism from Lusiada University and subsequently finished post-graduate degree in History of Architecture from the Faculty of Architecture University of Porto. He holds a professional degree in architecture by both the Portuguese Chamber of Architects (OA) and the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). Subsequently his academic development evolved towards an M.Arch. from the Architectural Association, School of Architecture from the Design Research Laboratory program followed by a PhD candidacy in Media Arts and Technology from the University of California, Santa Barbara and culminated with a Doctorate in Architectural Design awarded by Istanbul Technical University. Exposed in his academic background is the focus on the digital and design experimentation through the use of multimedia are critical traits of his academic and research experience.

Parallel to academia Frederico’s architectural practice includes international involvement in practice, by being part of high-profile practices such as Zaha Hadid Architects. This multidisciplinary association is an essential element in closing the gap between academia and practice, which instigates the development of a research agenda and portfolio of creative work that has been awarded, published and exhibited, in multiple architectural programs and stages.

Research Interests

  • Bio-Design
    The opportunity for Art, Architecture and Design to envision future applications of Biotechnology and Nanotechnology.
  • Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality
    Simulation and Digital Phenomenology.
  • Computational Design
    Emergent strategies applied to design innovation.
  • Biological Paradigms
    The use of biological strategies into design paradigms.
  • Digital Fabrication
    CNC, Laser Cutting, Robotic Fabrication.
  • Digital Cognition and Perception
    Studies on the user-behaviour focused on a digital medium.

Research Impacts

Frederico Fialho has been actively involved in international academic and research relations, as a founding element of multiple international collaborative research projects at European level. The recently launched Media Architectures and Spatial Systems (MASS) international project focuses on researching a systemic strategy between fabrication and immersion by combining robotic and virtual systems in an integrated design approach. Also in tandem with his research, the POSIAC international European Union research project focused in the perception of space in architecture, which included the use of Augmented Reality allowing certain degrees of agency and interaction with architecture.

Presently Frederico’s research expertise ranges between the areas of Computational Architecture and Immersive Environments with a focus in biological design paradigms. The digital design realm is an integral component of his research and design explorations, which departs from intuitive diagrammatic strategies into computational design thinking and subsequently translated into digital fabrication processes. Additionally, the field of immersive environments contributes to computational design as a novel method of research, where natural processes of cognition and perception establish an embedded integration of new media and architecture.


  • Master of Architecutre, The Open University
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Istanbul Technical University


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  • Doctor Philosophy

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Book Chapter

  • Fialho Teixeira, Frederico and Belek, Muge (2014). On other natural spaces. In Sensory living: perception of space in architecture and culture - summer school 2 (pp. 55-68) Germany: Spurbuchverlag.

  • Fialho, F. and Yurdakul, C. (2013). Virtuality/Augmented Reality, Turkey. In Ulrich Nether (Ed.), Perception of Space in Architecture and Culture Study of Industrial Ruins (pp. 108-113) Baunach, Germany: Spurbuchverlag.

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Other Outputs

  • Teixeira, Frederico Fialho (2014). Function of the Bio: Computational Biology for Evolutionary Spatial Systems PhD Thesis, Department of Architecture, Istanbul Technical University.

  • Belanger, Zackery, Bernal, Guillermo, Ameres, Eric, Edwards, Seth, Fomina, Olia, Fialho, Frederico, Hambleton, Daniel, Marsvik, Christoffer, Puyol, Ana Garcia, Toulkeridou, Varvara, Schneiderman, Ben, Goldfarb, Sarah and Wisniewski, James (2012) Reactive Acoustics Manta Project. Smart Geometry.

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