Mr Felix Wiesner

Lecturer in Timber Engineering

School of Civil Engineering
Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology


Dr Felix Wiesner is Associate Lecturer in Timber Engineering within the School of Civil Engineering at The University of Queensland and works as part of the National Centre for Timber Durability. He was appointed in 2019 to lead research projects focused on enhancing the fire performance of timber using treatments and modification techniques. His background is in structural fire engineering and the fire safety of timber structures, specifically engineered timber structures. His field of expertise are the critical evaluation of load bearing capacity of building elements in fire and the assessment of safety implications arising from the use of engineered timber as structural members in tall buildings or structures with extraordinary architectural features.

Dr Wiesner completed his Master of Engineering in Structural and Fire Safety Engineering at The University of Edinburgh from 2010 to 2015 before he successfully completed his doctoral studies on the structural behaviour of cross-laminated timber in fire between 2015 and 2019. During his undergraduate and postgraduate work, he closely worked with Arup on multiple projects regarding the fire safety of timber buildings and the effect of localised fires in large open spaces. He actively participated in the European COST Action FP 1404 for the Fire Safe Use of Bio-Based Building Products between 2016 and 2019, representing the UK as a Management Committee member. He significantly contributed to the success of the Fires in Tall Timber Structures: Large-scale Tests in Support of Tall Timber Construction project at the BRE in the UK and also worked as a member of the global Fire Safe Use of Wood research collaboration.

Research Interests

  • Flammability of native timber species
  • Effect of treatment and modification methods on the ignition and extinction characteristics of timber products

Research Impacts

Dr Wiesner's research works towards the safe use of timber in buildings and infrastructure. This research is of importance to enable a better utilisation of timber resources in Australia and thereby reduce the carbon footprint of the construction industry and foster a homegrown circular economy of sustainable building products. The research of treatment and modification methods as well as the targeted selection of species is critical to safely build in bushfire affected areas. This work is closely coordinated with the National Centre for Timber Durability to ensure that the design life of timber structures can be optimised and quantified with respect to fire safety and durability against attack from fungi and termites.

One of Dr Wiesner's key areas of expertise is the design of bespoke experiments and novel use of technology to illuminate fire safety problems. During his time at the University of Edinburgh he developed a robot for the fast and reliable drilling of fine holes into timber to enable better instrumentation. This technology was subsequently exported and improved to be used at the University of Queensland. In addition he has consistently advertised the use of image analysis for the analysis and control of fire safety experiments, including his contribution to an award winning new methodology for the assessment of intumescent paint expansion in fires.


  • Master of Engineering with Honours, University of Edinburgh


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Journal Article

Conference Publication

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