Dr Liviu Bodea

Research Fellow

Clem Jones Centre for Ageing Dementia Research
Queensland Brain Institute


Liviu-Gabriel Bodea holds a Dr.rer.nat. (Ph.D.) title in Biology from the University of Bonn, Germany. In 2014, he relocated to Australia after being awarded the Peter Hilton Early Career Research Fellowship in Ageing Dementia by the Queensland Brain Institute (Brisbane).

Liviu’s work is focussing on the microglial cells, the resident immune cells of the brain parenchyma, and their response and impact on the surrounding environment, under healthy or pathological conditions. To achieve his research goals, Liviu is using in vivo and in vitro models (e.g. transgenic mice, stable cell lines, primary microglial and neuronal cultures), in combination with biochemical and molecular techniques ranging from imaging to functional pathway analysis and gene editing.

Additionally, Liviu has extensive experience in guiding both under- and post-graduate students into the wonders of scientific research.


  • Doctor of Natural sciences, University Rheinische Fredrich-Wilhelms


  • Linnartz-Gerlach, Bettina, Bodea, Liviu-Gabriel, Klaus, Christine, Ginolhac, Aurélien, Halder, Rashi, Sinkkonen, Lasse, Walter, Jochen, Colonna, Marco and Neumann, Harald (2019) TREM2 triggers microglial density and age-related neuronal loss. GLIA, 67 3: 539-550. doi:10.1002/glia.23563

  • Götz, Jürgen, Bodea, Liviu-Gabriel and Goedert, Michel (2018) Rodent models for Alzheimer disease. Nature Reviews Neuroscience, 19 10: 583-598. doi:10.1038/s41583-018-0054-8

  • Polanco, Juan Carlos, Li, Chuanzhou, Bodea, Liviu-Gabriel, Martinez-Marmol, Ramon, Meunier, Frederic A and Götz, Jürgen (2017) Amyloid-β and tau complexity - towards improved biomarkers and targeted therapies. Nature reviews. Neurology, 14 1: 22-40. doi:10.1038/nrneurol.2017.162

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