Dr Kevin Chen

Research Officer

Institute for Molecular Bioscience


Dr Chen’s research aims to understand the molecular details of how phosphatases, kinases and their associated proteins regulate cell signaling and homeostasis.

In 2011, Dr Chen completed his PhD on structural studies of macrophage proteins in Professor Jennifer Martin’s laboratory at The University of Queensland’s Institute for Molecular Bioscience.

In 2012, Dr Chen secured a postdoctoral research position at Academia Sinica (Taipei, Taiwan) to work on the molecular insights of phosphatases and kinases interaction using the combination of X-ray crystallography, small-angle X-ray scattering and chemical cross-linking coupled with mass spectrometry.

In 2015, he also received the Outstanding Young Postdoctoral Research Award from the Biophysics Society of Republic of China (Taiwan).

In June 2016, Dr Chen joined Associate Professor Brett Collins’ group at IMB, where he is working to understand how lipid kinases and lipid-binding proteins are involved in the regulation of cellular membrane transport.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, The University of Queensland
  • Master of Biotechnology, Queensland University of Technology
  • Bachelor of Biotechnology Innovation, Queensland University of Technology


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  • Ugrankar, Rupali, Bowerman, Jade, Hariri, Hanaa, Chandra, Mintu, Chen, Kevin, Bossanyi, Marie-France, Datta, Sanchari, Rogers, Sean, Eckert, Kaitlyn M., Vale, Gonçalo, Victoria, Alexia, Fresquez, Joseph, McDonald, Jeffrey G., Jean, Steve, Collins, Brett M. and Henne, W. Mike (2019). Drosophila snazarus regulates a lipid droplet population at plasma membrane-droplet contacts in adipocytes. Developmental Cell, 50 (5), 557-572.e5. doi: 10.1016/j.devcel.2019.07.021

  • Chen, Kai‐En, Healy, Michael D. and Collins, Brett M. (2019). Towards a molecular understanding of endosomal trafficking by Retromer and Retriever. Traffic, 20 (7) tra.12649, 465-478. doi: 10.1111/tra.12649

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