Dr Carissa Klein

Senior Lecturer in Env. Manage

School of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Faculty of Science
+61 7 336 56074


Carissa Klein is a Senior Research Fellow at The University of Queensland, working in the field of conservation science. She leads a group of students and post-doctoral researchers in partnership with numerous non-government organisations (e.g. Wildlife Conservation Society) and government departments (e.g., Sabah Parks in Borneo) around the world. Her team's research is motivated by real-world conservation management and policy problems. They specialise in integrating social, economic, and ecological information to develop solutions that improve outcomes for nature and people. We love all things ocean so tend to focus our effort on conserving marine and coastal ecosystems!

Carissa has degrees in Chemistry (BA, 2000), Environmental Science (BA, 2000), Environmental Science and Management (MS, 2006) and Conservation Science (PhD, 2010). Her postgraduate studies were at The University of California, Santa Barbara and The University of Queensland. She has received numerous competitive awards, including two that acknowledge her achievements in setting up successful and lasting international collaborations: The Asia Pacific Economic Corporation Science Prize for Innovation, Research and Education (ASPIRE) and the American Australia Association Sir Keith Murdoch Fellowship.


  • Master of Science, U.C Santa Barbara
  • Doctor of Philosophy, The University of Queensland


  • Jones, Kendall R., Klein, Carissa J., Grantham, Hedley S., Possingham, Hugh P., Halpern, Benjamin S., Burgess, Neil D., Butchart, Stuart H.M., Robinson, John G., Kingston, Naomi, Bhola, Nina and Watson, James E.M. (2020) Area requirements to safeguard earth's marine species. One Earth, 2 2: 188-196. doi:10.1016/j.oneear.2020.01.010

  • Brown, Christopher J., Jupiter, Stacy D., Albert, Simon, Anthony, Kenneth R. N., Hamilton, Richard J., Fredston-Hermann, Alexa, Halpern, Benjamin S., Lin, Hsien-Yung, Maina, Joseph, Mangubhai, Sangeeta, Mumby, Peter J., Possingham, Hugh P., Saunders, Megan I., Tulloch, Vivitskaia J. D., Wenger, Amelia and Klein, Carissa J. (2019) A guide to modelling priorities for managing land-based impacts on coastal ecosystems. Journal of Applied Ecology, . doi:10.1111/1365-2664.13331

  • Jones, Kendall R., Maina, Joseph M., Kark, Salit, McClanahan, Timothy R., Klein, Carissa J. and Beger, Maria (2018) Incorporating feasibility and collaboration into large-scale planning for regional recovery of coral reef fisheries. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 604 211-222. doi:10.3354/meps12743

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  • Doctor Philosophy

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  • (2019) Doctor Philosophy

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Book Chapter

  • Watts, Matthew E., Stewart, Romola R., Martin, Tara G., Klein, Carissa J., Carwardine, Josie and Possingham, Hugh P. (2017). Systematic conservation planning with Marxan. In Sarah E. Gergel and Monica G. Turner (Ed.), Learning landscape ecology: a practical guide to concepts and techniques (pp. 211-227) New York, NY, United States: Springer New York. doi:10.1007/978-1-4939-6374-4_13

  • Wilson, Kerrie A., Cabeza, Mar and Klein, Carissa J. (2009). Fundamental concepts of spatial conservation prioritization. In Atte Moilanen, Kerrie A. Wilson and Hugh Possingham (Ed.), Spatial conservation prioritization: Quantitative methods and computational tools (pp. 16-27) Oxford, U.K.: Oxford University Press.

  • Game, Eddie, Carwardine, Josie, Wilson, Kerrie, Watts, Matt, Klein, Carissa and Possingham, Hugh (2007). How to integrate cost, threat and multiple actions into conservation planning for reserves and stewardship. In Martin Taylor and Penelope Figgis (Ed.), Protected areas: buffering nature against climate change (pp. 97-99) Sydney, NSW, Australia: WWF-Australia.

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