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Professor Kisely is a psychiatrist and public health physician with health services research experience in the UK, Australia & Canada. After graduating from the University of Bristol, he worked in New Zealand in various medical and surgical specialties, before starting psychiatric training in Auckland. He finished his psychiatric training in Western Australia & Manchester, including a Masters degree by research on atypical chest pain. While working as a lecturer in psychiatry he completed a research Doctorate on the effect of physical disorder on psychiatric outcome in primary care. Professor Kisely worked at the Universities of Western Australia and Dalhousie University in Canada before returning to Australia in 2007.

Research Impacts

Steve has been a principal or chief investigator on research and infrastructure grants at national and state level worth $9.4 million, as well as co- or associate investigator on grants worth an additional $3 million.with 10 years of continuous funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the Australian Research Council. He is the author of 401 publications (350 of which appeared in invited chapters or peer-reviewed journals, publications & conference proceedings, 169 being full-length papers) on physical/psychiatric co-morbidity, psychiatric epidemiology/pharmaco-epidemiology & health services research. These include 4 papers in the British Medical Journal (IF=17.215) on severe personality disorder, community treatment orders and public health.. He has also published in JAMA Psychiatry ( formerly Archives of General Psychiatry) (IF=12.016), Canadian Medical Association Journal (IF=8.217) and British Journal of Psychiatry (IF=6.619). These have generated 4512 citations with an h-index of 37 in Google Scholar. He was also winner of a Special Judges Award in the category of Best Use of IT in Clinical Care in Great Britain as part of the 1998 National Health Care IT Effectiveness Awards. In 2015, he received the Senior Research Award of the Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Psychiatrists as well as the Alex Leighton Award from the Canadian Psychiatric Association and Canadian Academy of Psychiatric Epidemiology Association. He is also a distinguished fellow of the Canadian Psychiatric Association.

Professor Kisely’s work has focussed on the use of both routine data and meta-analyses to inform health service delivery and policy in both Canada and Australia. For instance his work on mental health surveillance using administrative data, commenced in Canada but completed in Australia, contributed to the development and adoption of a standard case definition for the surveillance of psychiatric disorders by the Public Health Agency of Canada. This work also lead to being engaged by the Mental Health Commission of Canada to co-author a report on Mental Health Data needs in Canada. Professor Kisely was subsequently the 1st author on an invited review for the CMAJ on the use of administrative data in the surveillance of alcohol-related harm. A further research project on emergency psychiatric services, funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research but completed in Australia, led to the roll-out of a mobile crisis service across Capital Health - the largest DHA in Nova Scotia with 40% of its province's population. In addition pharmaco-epidemiological work on the metabolic consequences of psychotropic med action using routine health data led to the Canadian Psychiatric Association‘s R.O. Jones Award in 2008.

Professor Kisely’s work on administrative data and pharmaco-vigilance led to an invitation to serve on the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s on Psychiatric Drug Safety Expert Advisory Panel (PDSEAP), and the Research and Investment Advisory Committee of the Australian e-Health Research Centre of the CSIRO. The PDSEAP undertook a detailed review of the safety of psychiatric medications and the TGA is currently implementing our recommendations in three areas: changes to Australian Product Information documents; educational activities for prescribers; and enhancements to post-marketing surveillance. For the past three years he has also served on the TGA's Advisory Committee on the Safety of Medicines

Professor Kisely served on the Management Committee of the NCRIS funded Population Health Research Network to promote the linkage and use of administrative data across Australia by researchers and decision-makers (2009-2013). He is currently a member of the Committees for Research of both the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, and the Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Psychiatrists


  • Doctor of Medicine (Research), The University of Queensland
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Griffith University
  • Doctor of Medicine, The University of Manchester


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Book Chapter

  • Lawrence, David, Hancock, Kirsten J. and Kisely, Stephen (2015). Cancer and mental illness. Comorbidity of mental and physical disorders. (pp. 88-98) edited by Norman Sartorius, Richard I.G. Holt and Mario Maj. Basel, Switzerland: Karger. doi: 10.1159/000365541

  • Kisely, Steve, Lawrence, David, Kelly, Gill, Pais, Joanne and Crowe, Elizabeth (2011). The interaction between melanoma and psychiatric disorder. Melanoma in the clinic diagnosis, management and complications of malignancy. (pp. 287-310) edited by Mandi Murph. Croatia: InTech.

  • Kisely, Stephen R. and Preston, Neil, J. (2006). A group intervention which assists patients with dual diagnosis reduce their tobacco use. Trends in psychotherapy research. (pp. 141-159) edited by Abelian, M.E.. New York, U.S.: Nova Science Publishers.

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