Professor David Johnson

Academic Title-Professor

Princess Alexandra Hospital Southside Clinical Unit
Faculty of Medicine
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Professor David Johnson

Department of Nephrology, Division of Medicine, ARTS Building, Princess Alexandra Hospital

David Johnson is currently Director of the Metro South and Ipswich Nephrology and Transplant Service (MINTS) and Medical Director of the Queensland Renal Transplant Service at Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane, Australia, Professor of Medicine and Professor of Population Health at University of Queensland, and Director of the Centre for Kidney Disease Research, Brisbane, Australia. He has a number of international leadership responsibilities, including President of the International Society for Peritoneal Dialysis, Councillor of the International Society of Nephrology, Co-Chair of the ISN Global Kidney Health Atlas, and Co-Chair of the Global PDOPPS Steering Committee. His national leadership positions include Chair of three separate CARI Guideline Working Groups (Peritoneal Dialysis Adequacy, Evaluation of Renal Function and Management of Early CKD), Chair of the Kidney Check Australia Taskforce, Co-Chair of the Australasian Creatinine and eGFR Consensus Working Party, Co-Chair of the Australasian Proteinuria Consensus Working Party, Deputy Chair of the Australasian Kidney Trials Network, Deputy Chair of the NHMRC Better Evidence And Translation in Chronic Kidney Disease (BEAT-CKD) program, and Member and Past-Chair of the ANZDATA Registry Peritoneal Dialysis Working Group. He was Chair of the Queensland Statewide Renal Clinical Network from 2008 until 2013.

He is the principal investigator on a number of large, multi-centre randomised controlled trials, including the balANZ, HERO, IDEAL, IMPENDIA, HONEYPOT and CKD-FIX trials, and is chair of the Data Safety and Monitoring Board for the FINESSE trial. He has published over 800 original manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals and presented over 450 abstracts at national and international scientific meetings. He has won numerous research awards for his clinical and basic science studies in the areas of peritoneal dialysis outcomes, cardiovascular risk factor modification in uraemia, renal transplantation, dialysis unit infection control, treatment of acute kidney injury and mechanisms of progressive chronic kidney disease.

In 2005, he was awarded the TJ Neale Award by the Australian and New Zealand Society of Nephrology for “outstanding contributions to nephrologic science.” He was a Queensland finalist in the Australian of the Year Awards for 2009. On Australia Day 2011, he was awarded a Public Service Medal by the Governor-General of Australia for outstanding public service, particularly research into the early detection and management of kidney disease. He also successfully co-ordinated the largest-ever evacuation of dialysis patients in Australia during the Cyclone Yasi crisis in 2011. In 2014, he was awarded an International Distinguished Medal by the US National Kidney Foundation and in 2017 he was awarded the Dimitrios Oreopoulos Award by the Canadian Society of Nephrology..

Research Interests

  • Peritoneal dialysis
  • Haemodialysis
  • Kidney transplantation
  • Chronic kidney disease

Research Impacts

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is increasingly recognised as a major public health problem in Australia and worldwide. The prevalence of CKD in Australian adults is between 11.5% and 13.4% (equivalent to 1.4-1.6 million individuals) and is 6 times more common in indigenous Australians than in Caucasians. CKD is the most common cause of hospitalisation in Australia. Each year, approximately 2,500 Australians progress to end-stage kidney disease (ESKD) requiring either dialysis or kidney transplantation. It is projected that by 2020, between 3,335 and 4,472 Australians per year will reach ESKD. The presence of CKD is one of the most potent known risk factors for cardiovascular disease (CVD), such that individuals with CKD are more likely to die, mostly from CVD, than survive to the point of needing dialysis. Kidney-related disease directly or indirectly contributes to the deaths of 13.5% of Australians (more than deaths due to breast cancer, bowel cancer, prostate cancer, suicide and motor vehicle accidents combined). It is one of the few diseases in which mortality rates are worsening over time.

The Centre for Kidney Disease Research (CKDR) is one of Australia’s leading kidney disease research centres with an international reputation for excellence in research. Consisting of the Translational Research Laboratories, Princess Alexandra Hospital Nephrology Clinical Research Group, the Australasian Kidney Trials Network (AKTN) and the Research Unit at Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, the researchers of the CKDR are working at the forefront of global trends in research to understand the cellular and molecular basis of kidney disease and to trial innovative new clinical treatments to improve the health and well-being of people with kidney disease. Renowned for its studies in acute and chronic kidney disease and kidney cancers, the CKDR has particular expertise in translating results from laboratory and clinical sciences for application to improve public health outcomes. Some of the major achivements of our group have been determining the ideal time to commence dialysis, the role of statins in improving cardiovascular outcomes in patients with kidney disease


  • Doctor of Medicine (Research), The University of Queensland
  • PhD, The University of Sydney
  • MBBS, The University of Queensland


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