Researchers in Experimental and Cognitive Psychology

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Photo Researcher Organisational Units
Professor Bruce Abernethy Professor Bruce Abernethy Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences
Associate Professor Anthony Angwin Associate Professor Anthony Angwin School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
Associate Professor Derek Arnold Associate Professor Derek Arnold School of Psychology
Professor Roy Baumeister Professor Roy Baumeister School of Psychology
Associate Professor Stefanie Becker Associate Professor Stefanie Becker School of Psychology
Associate Professor Jenny Burt Associate Professor Jenny Burt School of Psychology
Professor Ross Cunnington Professor Ross Cunnington School of Psychology | Queensland Brain Institute
No image Dr Tracey Di Sipio School of Public Health
Dr Barnaby Dixson Dr Barnaby Dixson School of Psychology
Professor Paul Dux Professor Paul Dux School of Psychology
Dr Hannah Filmer Dr Hannah Filmer School of Psychology | Queensland Brain Institute
Dr Philip Grove Dr Philip Grove School of Psychology
No image Mr Anthony Harris Queensland Brain Institute
Emeritus Professor Michael Humphreys Emeritus Professor Michael Humphreys School of Psychology
Associate Professor Sarah Jane Kelly Associate Professor Sarah Jane Kelly School of Business
Associate Professor Ada Kritikos Associate Professor Ada Kritikos School of Psychology
Dr Fiona Maccallum Dr Fiona Maccallum School of Psychology
Professor Jason Mattingley Professor Jason Mattingley Queensland Brain Institute | School of Psychology
Professor Andrew Neal Professor Andrew Neal School of Psychology
Dr Nicole Nelson Dr Nicole Nelson School of Psychology
Dr Trung Ngo Dr Trung Ngo Learning and Research Services (University of Queensland Library) | The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute
Associate Professor Mark Nielsen Associate Professor Mark Nielsen School of Psychology
Dr Rebecca Olson Dr Rebecca Olson School of Social Science
Associate Professor Alan Pegna Associate Professor Alan Pegna School of Psychology
Dr Dragan Rangelov Dr Dragan Rangelov Queensland Brain Institute
Associate Professor Gail Robinson Associate Professor Gail Robinson School of Psychology | Queensland Brain Institute | Mater Research Institute-UQ
Dr David Sewell Dr David Sewell School of Psychology
Dr Shamsi Shekari Soleimanloo Dr Shamsi Shekari Soleimanloo Institute for Social Science Research
Professor Virginia Slaughter Professor Virginia Slaughter School of Psychology
Professor Thomas Suddendorf Professor Thomas Suddendorf School of Psychology
Associate Professor Jason Tangen Associate Professor Jason Tangen School of Psychology
Professor Jane Turner Professor Jane Turner Royal Brisbane Clinical Unit
Associate Professor Eric Vanman Associate Professor Eric Vanman School of Psychology
Professor Guy Wallis Professor Guy Wallis School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences
Dr Brendan Zietsch Dr Brendan Zietsch School of Psychology