Dr Kerrie-Ann McMahon

Senior Research Officer

Institute for Molecular Bioscience
+61 7 334 62331



  • PhD, University of Melbourne
  • Bachelor of Science, University of Melbourne


  • Xiong, Zherui, Lo, Harriet P., McMahon, Kerrie-Ann, Parton, Robert G. and Hall, Thomas E. (2021). Proximity dependent biotin labelling in zebrafish for proteome and interactome profiling. Bio-protocol, 11 (19) e4178. doi: 10.21769/BIOPROTOC.4178

  • Parton, Robert G., Tillu, Vikas, McMahon, Kerrie-Ann and Collins, Brett M. (2021). Key phases in the formation of caveolae. Current Opinion in Cell Biology, 71, 7-14. doi: 10.1016/j.ceb.2021.01.009

  • McMahon, Kerrie-Ann, Stroud, David A., Gambin, Yann, Tillu, Vikas, Bastiani, Michele, Sierecki, Emma, Polinkovsky, Mark E., Hall, Thomas E., Gomez, Guillermo A., Wu, Yeping, Parat, Marie-Odile, Martel, Nick, Lo, Harriet P., Khanna, Kum Kum, Alexandrov, Kirill, Daly, Roger, Yap, Alpha, Ryan, Michael T. and Parton, Robert G. (2021). Cavin3 released from caveolae interacts with BRCA1 to regulate the cellular stress response. eLife, 10 e61407, 1-35. doi: 10.7554/elife.61407

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