Professor Joanne Meers


School of Veterinary Science
Faculty of Science
+61 7 54601 839


Dr Meers is an Associate Professor in Veterinary Virology in the School of Veterinary Science.

Dr Meers' research has focused on a variety of viruses of veterinary importance including viruses of both domestic and native animal species. Her research interests include viral diseases of livestock in developing countries including Newcastle disease and avian influenza, koala retrovirus, feline immunodeficiency virus and canine parvovirus.


  • PhD, Murdoch University
  • Graduate Dipl Veterinary Pathology, The University of Sydney
  • Bachelor of Veterinary Science, The University of Sydney


  • Byrne, P., Beatty, J. A., Šlapeta, J., Corley, S. W., Lyons, R. E., McMichael, L., Kyaw-Tanner, M. T., Dung, P. T., Decaro, N., Meers, J. and Barrs, V. R. (2018) Shelter-housed cats show no evidence of faecal shedding of canine parvovirus DNA. Veterinary Journal, 239 54-58. doi:10.1016/j.tvjl.2018.08.005

  • Löber, Ulrike, Hobbs, Matthew, Dayaram, Anisha, Tsangaras, Kyriakos, Jones, Kiersten, Alquezar-Planas, David E., Ishida, Yasuko, Meers, Joanne, Mayer, Jens, Quedenau, Claudia, Chen, Wei, Johnson, Rebecca N., Timms, Peter, Young, Paul R., Roca, Alfred L. and Greenwood, Alex D. (2018) Degradation and remobilization of endogenous retroviruses by recombination during the earliest stages of a germ-line invasion. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 115 34: 8609-8614. doi:10.1073/pnas.1807598115

  • Sarker, N., Fabijan, J., Emes, R. D., Hemmatzadeh, F., Meers, J., Moreton, J., Owen, H., Seddon, J. M., Simmons, G., Speight, N., Trott, D., Woolford, L. and Tarlinton, R. E. (2018) Identification of stable reference genes for quantitative PCR in koalas. Scientific Reports, 8 1: 1-8. doi:10.1038/s41598-018-21723-0

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  • Doctor Philosophy

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  • ACIAR Proceedings No. 117 (2004) . Edited by P. B. Spradbrow, T. D. Tu and J. Meers. ACIAR Proceedings No. 117, 18-20 August 2003, Vietnam.

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