Dr Peter Dart

Honorary Associate Professor

School of Agriculture and Food Sciences
Faculty of Science
+61 7 336 52867
+61 7 54601 317



  • PhD, The University of Sydney
  • Bachelor of Science, The University of Sydney


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  • (2006) Doctor Philosophy

  • (2004) Doctor Philosophy

  • (2002) Master Agricultural Science

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Book Chapter

  • Duke, Norm, Udy, James, Albert, Simon, Love, Mark, Ross, Annie, Tibbetts, Ian., Roelfsema, Chris, Neil, David, Marion, Guy, Prange, Joelle, Corrin-Care, Jennifer, Carter, William, Dart, Peter and Hough, Sean (2007). The UQ Marovo Experience: Science-based support for community management of marine resources. In N. C. Duke, J. W. Udy, S. Albert, M. Love, A. Ross, I. R. Tibbetts, C. Roelfsema, D. T. Neil, G. Marion, J. Corrin Care, W. Carter, P. Dart and S. Hough (Ed.), Conserving the marine biodiversity of Marovo Lagoon: Development of environmental management initiatives that will conserve the marine biodiversity and productivity of Marova Lagoon, Solomon Islands (pp. 11-27) Brisbane, Australia: The University of Queensland.

  • Dart, P. J., Brown, S., Simpson, J. A., Harrison, S.R. and Venn, T. (2001). Experience from ACIAR Trials of the Suitability and Performance of Australian Tree Species. In S.R. Harrison and J.L. Herbohn (Ed.), Socio-Economic Aspects of Adoption of Australian Tree Species in the Philippines First ed. (pp. 7-20) Canberra, Australia: CSIRO.

  • Harrison, S. R., Herbohn, J. L., Dart, P. J. and Brown, S. (2000). Sustainable small-scale forestry in the Philippines. In S. R. Harrison, J. L. Herbohn and K. F. Herbohn (Ed.), Sustainable Small-Scale Forestry: Socioeconomic Analysis and Policy (pp. 165-178) Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar.

Journal Article

Conference Publication

  • Kopittke, P M, Dart, P J and Menzies, N W (2006). Effect of Cu on the growth and nodulation of Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata). In: 18th World Congress of Soil Science. World Congress of Soil Science - Frontiers of Soil Science, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, (1-1). 9-15 July 2006.

  • Loetscher, T., Gray, S., Kirchhof, G. and Dart, P. (2005). Naiad: Sharing lessons learned from innovative urban water schemes. In: Proceedings. Ozwater watershed [electronic resource] : the turning point for water : Ozwater Convention and Exhibition. Ozwater Conference 2005, Brisbane, (1-8). 8-12 May 2005.

  • Matthew, P. L., Birch, C. J., Saffigna, P. G. and Dart, P. J. (2005). Risk assessment of waste use in agriculture for development of an EMS. In: Eloise Seymour, 4th National EMS in Agriculture Conference - Diversity and innovation. 4th Nat. Environmental Management Systems in Agric. Conf., Beechworth, Australia, (1-4). 17-20 October 2005.

  • MacDonald, C. A., Menzies, N. W., Dart, P. J. and Bigwood, R. (2004). Nitrogen balance for an agroforestry system irrigated with saline, high nitrogen effluent. In: B. Sing, Supersoil 2004: 3rd Australian New Zealand Soils Conference. 3rd Australian New Zealand Soils Conference (Supersoil 2004), Sydney, Australia, (1-7). 5-9 December 2004.

  • Robertson, S. K., Dart, P. J., Brown, S. M. and Kingston, G. (2002). Distribution and ecology of endophytic diazotropic bacteria within five Australian sugar cane growing regions. In: J. Vanderleyden, Book of Abstracts. 9th International Symposium on Nitrogen Fixation with Non-Legumes. 9th International Symp on Nitrogen Fixation with Non- Legumes, Leuven, Belgium, (158-158). 1-5 September, 2002.

  • Ngugi, M., Hunt, M.A., Doley, D., Ryan, P. and Dart, P. J. (2002). Seasonal and diurnal characteristics of leaf gas exchange of Eucalyptus Cloeziana and Eucalyptus Argophloia in subtropical Queensland. In: EucProd 2002. Internaitonal Conference on Eucalypt Productivity: Conference Abstracts and General Information. EucProd 2002, Hobart, Tasmania, (42-43). 10-15 November, 2002.

  • Robertson, S. K., Kingston, G., Dart, P. J., Brown, S. and Boddey, R. M. (1999). Contribution of endophytic nitrogen fixing bacteria to sugarcane. In: J. Slattery and E. Curran, Twelfth Australian Nitrogen Fixation Conference. Twelfth Australian Nitrogen Fixation Conference, Wagga Wagga, NSW, (68-69). 17-22 October 1999.

  • Dart, P. J., Brown, S., Gupta, M. L., Bullard, G. and Pulsford, D. (1999). Field testing microbial inoculants for hay preservation. In: Proceedings of 1999 AFIA Annual Fodder Conference. 1999 AFIA Annual Fodder Conference, SA Res. and Development Institute, Adelaide, (22). 11-13 August 1999.

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