Researchers in Finance

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Photo Researcher Organisational Units
Dr Karen Alpert Dr Karen Alpert School of Business
Associate Professor Necmi Avkiran Associate Professor Necmi Avkiran School of Business
Professor Manuel Becerra Professor Manuel Becerra School of Business
Professor Karen Benson Professor Karen Benson School of Business
Associate Professor Jac Birt Associate Professor Jac Birt School of Business
Dr Kam Chan Dr Kam Chan School of Business
Professor Peter Clarkson Professor Peter Clarkson School of Business
Professor Luke Connelly Professor Luke Connelly Centre for the Business and Economics of Health | UQ Poche Centre for Indigenous Health | Asia-Pacific Centre for Neuromodulation
Dr Duy-Minh Dang Dr Duy-Minh Dang Mathematics
Professor Robert Faff Professor Robert Faff School of Business
Associate Professor Marco Faravelli Associate Professor Marco Faravelli School of Economics
Dr Clive Gaunt Dr Clive Gaunt School of Business
Professor Stephen Gray Professor Stephen Gray School of Business
Dr Mamiza Haq Dr Mamiza Haq School of Business
No image Associate Professor Wen He School of Business
Associate Professor Kathleen Herbohn Associate Professor Kathleen Herbohn School of Business
Professor Allan Hodgson Professor Allan Hodgson School of Business
Associate Professor Jacquelyn Humphrey Associate Professor Jacquelyn Humphrey School of Business
Professor Ian King Professor Ian King School of Economics
Professor Peter Liesch Professor Peter Liesch School of Business
Dr Rand Low Dr Rand Low School of Business
Dr Priscilla Man Dr Priscilla Man School of Economics
Professor Andrew McLennan Professor Andrew McLennan School of Economics
Professor Flavio Menezes Professor Flavio Menezes School of Economics
Professor Claudio Mezzetti Professor Claudio Mezzetti School of Economics
Dr Barry Oliver Dr Barry Oliver School of Business
Dr Shams Pathan Dr Shams Pathan School of Business
Professor John Quiggin Professor John Quiggin School of Economics
Dr Vanitha Ragunathan Dr Vanitha Ragunathan School of Business
Dr David Rowell Dr David Rowell Centre for the Business and Economics of Health
Dr Shino Takayama Dr Shino Takayama School of Economics
Dr Kelvin Tan Dr Kelvin Tan School of Business
Professor Iain Watson Professor Iain Watson Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (External Engagement)
Associate Professor Jay Weerawardena Associate Professor Jay Weerawardena School of Business
Dr Jason West Dr Jason West School of Agriculture and Food Sciences
Professor Anne Wyatt Professor Anne Wyatt School of Business
No image Dr Xin Yu School of Business
Dr Clara Zhou Dr Clara Zhou School of Business
Dr Elizabeth Zhu Dr Elizabeth Zhu School of Business