Researchers at School of Mathematics and Physics

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Photo Researcher Organisational Units
Dr Yasar Atas Dr Yasar Atas Physics
Dr Mark Baker Dr Mark Baker Physics
Dr Christopher Baker Dr Christopher Baker Physics
Associate Professor Holger Baumgardt Associate Professor Holger Baumgardt Physics
Professor Warwick Bowen Professor Warwick Bowen Physics
Dr Michael Bromley Dr Michael Bromley Physics
No image Professor Darryn Bryant Mathematics
Dr Michael Bulmer Dr Michael Bulmer Mathematics
Professor Benjamin Burton Professor Benjamin Burton Mathematics
No image Dr David Colas Physics
No image Dr Joshua Combes Physics
Dr Joel Corney Dr Joel Corney Physics
Dr Fabio Costa Dr Fabio Costa Physics
Dr Duy-Minh Dang Dr Duy-Minh Dang Mathematics
Professor Tamara Davis Professor Tamara Davis Physics
Professor Matthew Davis Professor Matthew Davis Physics
Professor Diane Donovan Professor Diane Donovan Mathematics
No image Ms Itia Favre-Bulle School of Mathematics and Physics
Dr Arkady Fedorov Dr Arkady Fedorov Physics
Professor Jerzy Filar Professor Jerzy Filar Mathematics
Dr Michael Forbes Dr Michael Forbes Mathematics
Dr Vivien Challis Foster Dr Vivien Challis Foster Mathematics
Dr Marta Garrido Dr Marta Garrido Queensland Brain Institute | School of Mathematics and Physics | Centre for Advanced Imaging
No image Miss Christina Giarmatzi Physics
No image Dr Cecilia Gonzalez Tokman Mathematics
Professor Geoffrey Goodhill Professor Geoffrey Goodhill Queensland Brain Institute | Mathematics
Professor Mark Gould Professor Mark Gould Mathematics
Professor Joseph Grotowski Professor Joseph Grotowski School of Mathematics and Physics
Dr Sam Hambleton Dr Sam Hambleton Mathematics
Dr Sara Herke Dr Sara Herke Mathematics
Dr Poh Wah Hillock Dr Poh Wah Hillock Mathematics
Dr Matthew Holden Dr Matthew Holden Mathematics
Associate Professor Min-Chun Hong Associate Professor Min-Chun Hong Mathematics
Dr Janie Hoormann Dr Janie Hoormann Physics
Dr Alan Huang Dr Alan Huang Mathematics
Dr Phillip Isaac Dr Phillip Isaac Mathematics
Dr Anthony Jacko Dr Anthony Jacko Physics
Mr Michael Jennings Mr Michael Jennings Mathematics
No image Dr Markus Jerger ARC Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems
No image Dr Andrew Jones Mathematics
Dr Rachpon Kalra Dr Rachpon Kalra School of Mathematics and Physics
Dr Masoud Kamgarpour Dr Masoud Kamgarpour Mathematics
No image Dr Samuel Kault Mathematics
Professor Karen Kheruntsyan Professor Karen Kheruntsyan Physics
No image Dr Je Guk Kim School of Mathematics and Physics
Professor Dirk Kroese Professor Dirk Kroese Mathematics
Dr Sharon Lee Dr Sharon Lee Mathematics
No image Dr Beibei Li School of Mathematics and Physics
Associate Professor Jon Links Associate Professor Jon Links Mathematics
No image Dr Austin Lund ARC Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology
Dr Lars Madsen Dr Lars Madsen Physics
Dr Barbara Maenhaut Dr Barbara Maenhaut Mathematics
No image Dr Ian Marquette Mathematics
Dr Ian McCulloch Dr Ian McCulloch Physics
Associate Professor Tim McIntyre Associate Professor Tim McIntyre Physics
Professor Ross McKenzie Professor Ross McKenzie Physics
Professor Geoffrey McLachlan Professor Geoffrey McLachlan Mathematics
No image Dr Peter McNamara Mathematics
Dr Ross McVinish Dr Ross McVinish Mathematics
No image Mr Yu Mei Mathematics
Dr Alejandro Mezio Dr Alejandro Mezio Physics
No image Emeritus Professor Gerard Milburn Mathematics
Dr Sarat Moka Dr Sarat Moka Mathematics
No image Professor David Moriarty School of Mathematics and Physics
Dr Ebinazar Namdas Dr Ebinazar Namdas Physics
Dr Yoni Nazarathy Dr Yoni Nazarathy Mathematics
Dr Tyler Neely Dr Tyler Neely ARC Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems
Dr Zoltan Neufeld Dr Zoltan Neufeld Mathematics | Institute for Molecular Bioscience
Dr Timo Nieminen Dr Timo Nieminen Physics
Dr Dietmar Oelz Dr Dietmar Oelz Mathematics
Dr Marcelo Pereira de Almeida Dr Marcelo Pereira de Almeida ARC Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems
Dr Taras Plakhotnik Dr Taras Plakhotnik Physics
Professor Philip Pollett Professor Philip Pollett Mathematics
No image Professor Ben Powell Physics
Dr Artem Pulemotov Dr Artem Pulemotov Mathematics
Professor Timothy Ralph Professor Timothy Ralph Physics
Dr Jorgen Rasmussen Dr Jorgen Rasmussen Mathematics
No image Dr Suren Rathnayake School of Mathematics and Physics
No image Mr Matt Reeves Physics
Professor Anthony Richardson Professor Anthony Richardson Mathematics
Associate Professor Tony Roberts Associate Professor Tony Roberts Mathematics
Dr Melanie Robertson-Dean Dr Melanie Robertson-Dean Mathematics
Dr Jacqui Romero Dr Jacqui Romero Physics
No image Dr Fred Roosta-Khorasani School of Mathematics and Physics
No image Professor Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop Physics | Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology
No image Dr Sally Shrapnel Physics
No image Dr Jan Sobus Physics
Professor Tom Stace Professor Tom Stace Physics
Dr Alexander Stilgoe Dr Alexander Stilgoe Physics
No image Dr Daniel Szombati Physics
Dr Thomas Taimre Dr Thomas Taimre Mathematics | School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering
Dr Slava Vaisman Dr Slava Vaisman Mathematics
No image Dr Christopher Van Der Heide Mathematics
Professor Ole Warnaar Professor Ole Warnaar Mathematics
Dr Margaret Wegener Dr Margaret Wegener Physics
Dr Till Joscha Weinhold Dr Till Joscha Weinhold ARC Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems
Professor Andrew White Professor Andrew White Physics
Dr Ian Wood Dr Ian Wood Mathematics
No image Dr Wen-Hsi Yang Mathematics
Associate Professor Yao-zhong Zhang Associate Professor Yao-zhong Zhang Mathematics
Dr Xiuwen Zhou Dr Xiuwen Zhou Physics
Dr Magdalena Zych Dr Magdalena Zych Physics