Experts in Psychology

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Photo Researcher Organisational Units
Professor Bruce Abernethy Professor Bruce Abernethy Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences
Professor Neal Ashkanasy Professor Neal Ashkanasy School of Business
Associate Professor Fiona Barlow Associate Professor Fiona Barlow School of Psychology
Professor Margaret Barrett Professor Margaret Barrett School of Music
Associate Professor Jenny Burt Associate Professor Jenny Burt School of Psychology
Professor Sara Dolnicar Professor Sara Dolnicar School of Business
No image Dr Frances Gray School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry
Associate Professor Stephanie Hanrahan Associate Professor Stephanie Hanrahan School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences | School of Psychology
Professor Charmine Hartel Professor Charmine Hartel School of Business
Professor Catherine Haslam Professor Catherine Haslam School of Psychology
Professor Alex Haslam Professor Alex Haslam School of Psychology
Professor Matthew Hornsey Professor Matthew Hornsey School of Business
Professor Jolanda Jetten Professor Jolanda Jetten School of Psychology
Professor Justin Kenardy Professor Justin Kenardy School of Psychology
Professor Christina Lee Professor Christina Lee School of Psychology
Professor Winnifred Louis Professor Winnifred Louis School of Psychology
Emeritus Professor Tian Po Oei Emeritus Professor Tian Po Oei School of Psychology
Professor Nancy Pachana Professor Nancy Pachana School of Psychology | School of Business
Professor Kenneth Pakenham Professor Kenneth Pakenham School of Psychology
Associate Professor Alan Pegna Associate Professor Alan Pegna School of Psychology
Dr Azadeh Rezvani Dr Azadeh Rezvani School of Business
Dr Ingrid Rowlands Dr Ingrid Rowlands School of Public Health | School of Psychology
Dr Theresa Scott Dr Theresa Scott School of Psychology
Dr Shamsi Shekari Soleimanloo Dr Shamsi Shekari Soleimanloo Institute for Social Science Research
Professor Virginia Slaughter Professor Virginia Slaughter School of Psychology
Professor Thomas Suddendorf Professor Thomas Suddendorf School of Psychology
Associate Professor Jason Tangen Associate Professor Jason Tangen School of Psychology
Dr Brendan Zietsch Dr Brendan Zietsch School of Psychology