Professor Trevor Russell

Uni/Faculty Centre Director

RECOVER Injury Research Centre
Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences

Affiliate Professor

School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences
+61 7 336 55344


Trevor Russell is a Professor in the Division of Physiotherapy within the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Queensland. He has a PhD in Telerehabilitation and co-directs the Centre for Research in Telerehabilitation at the University of Queensland. His primary research focus surrounds the use of mobile technologies and telecommunication tools for both clinical service provision and teaching and learning in the rehabilitation sciences. Specifically his research aims to develop innovative computer based hardware and software solutions to enable the provision of rehabilitation services remotely via the Internet; to further the evidence base of telerehabilitation through controlled clinical trials of telerehabilitation interventions; to evaluate the treatment efficacy of specific telerehabilitation interventions; investigate cost-benefit factors of telerehabilitation services; and develop best practice guidelines for the establishment of telemedicine services in the rehabilitation sciences. He has an extensive role in the teaching and coordination of the under-graduate, graduate and post-graduate physiotherapy programs at the University of Queensland including the role of Director of the graduate entry Masters of Physiotherapy Studies program.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, The University of Queensland
  • Master of Physiotherapy, The University of Queensland
  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy (1997), The University of Queensland


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Book Chapter

  • Lee, Alan Chong W., Lawson, Daryl, Randall, Ken, Russell, Trevor and Wolf, Steven L. (2020). TELEHEALTH: An Innovative Educational and Instructional Strategy to Develop Clinical Decision-Making in Physical Therapist Practice. Clinical Reasoning and Decision-Making in Physical Therapy: Facilitation, Assessment, and Implementation. (pp. 255-266) edited by Musolino, G. M. and Jensen, G. M.. Thorofare, NJ United States: Slack.

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  • Russell, Trevor and Hoffmann, Tammy (2011). Telemedicine in orthopedics. Telemedicine for trauma, emergencies and disaster management. (pp. 291-301) edited by Rifat Latifi. Boston, MA, United States: Artech House.

  • Theodoros, D. and Russell, T. (2008). Telerehabilitation: current perspectives. Current principles and practices of telemedicine and e-health. (pp. 191-209) edited by Rifat Latifi. Amsterdam, Netherlands: IOS Press.

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