Researchers in Cognitive Sciences

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Photo Researcher Organisational Units
Professor Bruce Abernethy Professor Bruce Abernethy Office of the Vice-Chancellor
Professor Derek Arnold Professor Derek Arnold School of Psychology
Associate Professor Stefanie Becker Associate Professor Stefanie Becker School of Psychology
Professor Timothy Bredy Professor Timothy Bredy Queensland Brain Institute
Dr Justin Brienza Dr Justin Brienza School of Business
Dr Sonia Brownsett Dr Sonia Brownsett School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
Dr Jenny Burt Dr Jenny Burt School of Psychology
Dr Carys Chainey Dr Carys Chainey School of Psychology
Professor David Copland Professor David Copland School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences | Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences
Professor Ross Cunnington Professor Ross Cunnington School of Psychology
Dr Arindam Dey Dr Arindam Dey School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Associate Professor Nadeeka Dissanayaka Associate Professor Nadeeka Dissanayaka UQ Centre for Clinical Research
Dr Stephane Eric Dufau Dr Stephane Eric Dufau Queensland Brain Institute
Professor Paul Dux Professor Paul Dux School of Psychology
Associate Professor Elizabeth Edwards Associate Professor Elizabeth Edwards School of Education
Dr Nathan Evans Dr Nathan Evans School of Psychology
Dr Frederick Graham Dr Frederick Graham Centre for Health Services Research
Dr Hannah Gullo Dr Hannah Gullo School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
Professor Maureen Hassall Professor Maureen Hassall Sustainable Minerals Institute
Professor Julie Henry Professor Julie Henry School of Psychology
No image Professor Tim Horberry Minerals Industry Safety and Health Centre
Professor Mark Horswill Professor Mark Horswill School of Psychology
Dr Hassan Khosravi Dr Hassan Khosravi Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation
Associate Professor Ada Kritikos Associate Professor Ada Kritikos School of Psychology
Dr Marie McSween Dr Marie McSween School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
Dr Philip Mosley Dr Philip Mosley Queensland Brain Institute
Dr Aisling Mulvihill Dr Aisling Mulvihill School of Psychology
Professor Andrew Neal Professor Andrew Neal School of Psychology
Professor Mark Nielsen Professor Mark Nielsen School of Psychology
Dr Michael Noetel Dr Michael Noetel School of Psychology
Dr Lena Oestreich Dr Lena Oestreich Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology | School of Psychology
Associate Professor Ravi Pappu Associate Professor Ravi Pappu School of Business
Dr Freyr Patterson Dr Freyr Patterson School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
Dr Cassandra Pattinson Dr Cassandra Pattinson Institute for Social Science Research
Associate Professor Alan Pegna Associate Professor Alan Pegna School of Psychology
Dr Andre Pekerti Dr Andre Pekerti School of Business
Dr Nicolas Pontes Dr Nicolas Pontes School of Business
Professor Gail Robinson Professor Gail Robinson School of Psychology | Queensland Brain Institute
Dr Amanda Robinson Dr Amanda Robinson School of Psychology
Dr Anna Rumbach Dr Anna Rumbach School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
Professor Penelope Sanderson Professor Penelope Sanderson School of Psychology | Medical School (GBCS)
Dr Shamsi Shekari Soleimanloo Dr Shamsi Shekari Soleimanloo Institute for Social Science Research
Professor Virginia Slaughter Professor Virginia Slaughter Graduate School
Professor Thomas Suddendorf Professor Thomas Suddendorf School of Psychology
Professor Jason Tangen Professor Jason Tangen School of Psychology
Professor Guy Wallis Professor Guy Wallis School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences
Dr Faith Yong Dr Faith Yong Medical School (RCS)