Researchers in Management of Technology and Innovation

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Photo Researcher Organisational Units
Dr Rajendra Adhikari Dr Rajendra Adhikari School of Agriculture and Food Sustainability
Associate Professor Remi Ayoko Associate Professor Remi Ayoko School of Business
Associate Professor Henri Burgers Associate Professor Henri Burgers School of Business
Professor Melissa Cardon Professor Melissa Cardon School of Business
Dr Pratap Devarapalli Dr Pratap Devarapalli School of Law
Professor Martin Edwards Professor Martin Edwards School of Business
Professor Nicole Gillespie Professor Nicole Gillespie School of Business
Dr Anthony Halog Dr Anthony Halog School of the Environment
Professor Paul Henman Professor Paul Henman School of Social Science
Professor Damian Hine Professor Damian Hine Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation
Dr Ali Intezari Harsini Dr Ali Intezari Harsini School of Business
Dr Gemma Irving Dr Gemma Irving School of Business
Professor Paula Jarzabkowski Professor Paula Jarzabkowski School of Business
Dr Anna Jenkins Dr Anna Jenkins School of Business
Dr Stefan Jooss Dr Stefan Jooss School of Business
Professor Tim Kastelle Professor Tim Kastelle Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology
Professor Peter Knights Professor Peter Knights School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering
Dr Yiqiong Li Dr Yiqiong Li School of Business
Dr Sam MacAulay Dr Sam MacAulay School of Business
No image Dr Stuart Middleton School of Business
Dr Karolina Mikolajewska-Zajac Dr Karolina Mikolajewska-Zajac School of Business
Dr Lance Newey Dr Lance Newey School of Business
Dr Mai Nguyen Dr Mai Nguyen School of Business
Professor Daniel Nyberg Professor Daniel Nyberg School of Business
Associate Professor Ravi Pappu Associate Professor Ravi Pappu School of Business
Professor Rachel Parker Professor Rachel Parker Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research)
Associate Professor Paul Spee Associate Professor Paul Spee School of Business
Professor Wojtek Tomaszewski Professor Wojtek Tomaszewski Institute for Social Science Research
Associate Professor Sunil Venaik Associate Professor Sunil Venaik School of Business
Professor Martie-Louise Verreynne Professor Martie-Louise Verreynne Faculty of Business, Economics and Law
Emeritus Professor Gillian Whitehouse Emeritus Professor Gillian Whitehouse School of Political Science and International Studies
Professor Cara Wrigley Professor Cara Wrigley School of Architecture, Design and Planning
Dr Henry Xu Dr Henry Xu School of Business
Professor Michael Zyphur Professor Michael Zyphur School of Business
Associate Professor Frederik von Briel Associate Professor Frederik von Briel School of Business