Researchers in Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management

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Photo Researcher Organisational Units
Emeritus Professor Neal Ashkanasy Emeritus Professor Neal Ashkanasy School of Business
Associate Professor Remi Ayoko Associate Professor Remi Ayoko School of Business
Associate Professor Christoph Breidbach Associate Professor Christoph Breidbach School of Business
Dr Richard Buning Dr Richard Buning School of Business
Professor Victor Callan Professor Victor Callan School of Business
Professor Martin Edwards Professor Martin Edwards School of Business
Dr Marissa Edwards Dr Marissa Edwards School of Business
Associate Professor Sheranne Fairley Associate Professor Sheranne Fairley School of Business
Associate Professor Marco Faravelli Associate Professor Marco Faravelli School of Economics
Dr Terrance Fitzsimmons Dr Terrance Fitzsimmons School of Business
Associate Professor Lana Friesen Associate Professor Lana Friesen School of Economics
Professor Alex Haslam Professor Alex Haslam School of Psychology
Dr Gemma Irving Dr Gemma Irving School of Business
Dr Stefan Jooss Dr Stefan Jooss School of Business
Dr Adam Kay Dr Adam Kay School of Business
Dr Caroline Knight Dr Caroline Knight School of Business
Dr Sharlene Leroy-Dyer Dr Sharlene Leroy-Dyer School of Business
Dr Yiqiong Li Dr Yiqiong Li School of Business
Professor Thomas Maak Professor Thomas Maak School of Business
Dr Asmita Manchha Dr Asmita Manchha School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
Professor Janet McColl-Kennedy Professor Janet McColl-Kennedy School of Business
Dr Mary McMahon Dr Mary McMahon School of Education
Dr Miriam Moeller Dr Miriam Moeller School of Business
Dr Lance Newey Dr Lance Newey School of Business
Professor Daniel Nyberg Professor Daniel Nyberg School of Business
Associate Professor Stacey Parker Associate Professor Stacey Parker School of Psychology
Dr Andre Pekerti Dr Andre Pekerti School of Business
Associate Professor Paul Spee Associate Professor Paul Spee School of Business
Associate Professor Nik Steffens Associate Professor Nik Steffens School of Psychology
Professor Wojtek Tomaszewski Professor Wojtek Tomaszewski Institute for Social Science Research
Professor Martie-Louise Verreynne Professor Martie-Louise Verreynne Faculty of Business, Economics and Law
Dr Franzisca Weder Dr Franzisca Weder School of Communication and Arts
Emeritus Professor Gillian Whitehouse Emeritus Professor Gillian Whitehouse School of Political Science and International Studies
Professor Michael Zyphur Professor Michael Zyphur School of Business
Dr Vera te Velde Dr Vera te Velde School of Economics